News for January 2013 Year


17:08Dropbox rolling out updates with document previews and improved image sharing17:07Kaspersky calls for international cooperation on cyber security17:04Blending work and personal life increasing security risks, warns global report16:58Worldwide communications infrastructure faces APTs, bots, DDoS; mobile networks weakest16:57Claims of Hacking New York Times 'Groundless': China16:50Experts warn on wire-tapping of the cloud


16:27UPnP Security Holes Expose Millions of Networked Devices to Attacks16:26Facebook Graph Search review: Now discover what you have not been looking for16:25Microsoft launches Office 2013 software suite15:48Multi-vector DDoS Attacks Grow in Sophistication15:47Spachanel trojan uses email security to serve up spam15:46Facebook world’s largest social network, followed by Google+ - index


17:07Apple customers sue Google over secret tracking of Internet browsing habits17:06Anatomy of a botnet targeting Facebook users17:05Malwarebiter is fakeAV, warns MalwareBytes17:02Sophos: Citadel Malware Targeting Canadian Banks and POS Systems17:01Avast Launches Bug Bounty Program16:58Smartphone sensors reveal security secrets


17:22Apple users launch privacy campaign against Google17:19US phone unlocking deadline expires17:18Pentagon Eyes Fivefold Boost of Cybersecurity Force: Report17:10OpLastResort: Anonymous declares war on the US Department of Justice17:09Ransomware threat on the increase17:08China considering to lift 13-year long ban on video game consoles: Report


16:51Facebook: we can't prevent kids from signing up16:50Twitter launches new service for adding video to tweets16:36White House unveils 'Hack for Change" day16:35Exploits Kits Target Old Vulnerabilities More Than Zero Days, Research Finds16:27Backdoor Accounts on Barracuda Networks Appliances Vulnerable to Attack16:27Under-age workers found in Apple supply audit


17:11DNA 'perfect for digital storage'17:05Sony fined over 'preventable' PlayStation data hack17:04Review: Kim Dotcom's Mega service lacks versatility17:04Cisco Warns of Vulnerabilities in Wireless LAN Controllers17:03Judge Allows Use of School Badges that Can Electronically Track Students17:02Flood of spam email? It may be a screen for fraud


17:13DDoS Attacks Widespread in Financial Industry, Survey Finds17:12First Firefox phones revealed by Mozilla and Geeksphone17:12Disease Outbreaks Trackable With Twitter17:03Twitter Bug Exposed Direct Messages to Third Party Apps Without User Approval17:02Fake Android app market infects thousands of devices with malware17:01Pirate Bay Documentary First Ever to Premiere Online and at a Major Festival


15:56Storify shows Facebook privacy more illusion than fact15:55Facebook may make you envious, dissatisfied: Study15:55ID theft biggest fraud threat, says Cifas15:53Google may soon replace passwords with 'physical keys'15:52Architect plans 3D-printed buildings15:52Oracle's Java Patch Shipped with Additional Vulnerabilities


14:44Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost $200 from Feb 1, grab it now for $4014:43Cyber risk is not translating into boardroom discussion14:42Foxit fixes PDF reader security vulnerability14:33DNA Database Not So Anonymous On The Internet: Study14:32Global Web Censors Use Devices From US Firm: Study14:31Web 're-defining' human identity says chief scientist


15:40Mega will offer 50GB of free storage, promises Kim Dotcom15:39Emails reveal Apple and Google's no-poaching deal15:37Beware of 'rogue clouds' and hidden costs, warns Symantec15:35Red October analysis reveals complex, two-stage attack15:33Weak at spelling and grammar? Your passwords are safer15:31US general warns over Iranian cyber-soldiers


19:00Remote Execution Flaws a Risk to Spring Framework Applications18:58Office 2013 prices revealed18:52Malware hits US power plants18:49Remote code vulnerability in Spring Framework for Java18:47Facebook rolls out free calling over iPhone for US users18:46'Nightclub bouncer' phishing scam found by researchers


15:25Facebook opens registration for 2013 Hacker Cup Competition, top prize is $10,00015:24Sixty percent will fall to a phishing attack that might herald an APT15:16AMD: staff stole 100,000 files before moving to Nvidia15:1690% of passwords can be cracked in seconds15:15Oil and Gas Infrastructure Vulnerabilities Drive Security Spending, Report15:14Facebook unveils social search tools for users


16:34China mobile users warned about large botnet threat16:33'Operation Red October' Used Java Exploit as Added Attack Weapon16:32Security firm Secarma recovers data from drives bought on eBay16:28Phishing attack targets MSN users with old-school tactics16:27Facebook and other social networks tend to lower self-control, says research16:26Should we stop using Java? Experts and the US Department of Homeland Security think so


17:15Oracle Patches Java Zero-Day17:12LinkedIn, Facebook spam spreads trojans17:11US government warns over vulnerable control systems17:10Microsoft patches zero-day Internet Explorer flaw17:08FBI Uses Portable Device to Track Cell Phone Users17:07Fake Google Chrome updates unleash banking trojan


15:2499% of mobile malware targets Android15:23Microsoft to turn off Windows Messenger on 15 March15:21Iran Denies It's Behind Cyber Attacks on US Banks15:20Windows RT jailbreak tool posted online15:16Global Payments breach cost the company $93.9 million – so far15:15'Java is a mess. It's not secure. You have to disable it'


16:29Navigational backup to aid ships in Dover straits16:28Samsung looks to be less dependent on iPhone and iPad16:27Researchers Encode Hidden Messages in Skype Calls15:56Blackhole Creator on Quest to Expand Exploit Empire15:55FBI warns of renewed fake American Airlines email attack15:54Steve Jobs honoured with a giant iPhone replica in Russia


16:54Cyber Risk is Top Five Global Risk According to World Economic Forum16:53Windows 8 and Android 4 Jelly Bean Toughpads launched16:53Cyber-attack Could Knock out British Military: Lawmakers16:32Google withdraws patent claims against Microsoft16:28New flaw in Ruby on Rails16:27Incapsula Uncovers Botnet Used in Bank DDoS Attacks


17:27US is main source of EU credit card fraud - Europol17:26Malware leaves Cisco VoIP phones "open to call tapping"17:26Free Creative Suite downloads? Not so fast, says Adobe17:24Chinese national pleads guilty to role in $100 million software piracy scheme17:22Businesses overconfident about cyber security, says Deloitte17:22Congress Wakes up to Phone Apps that Track Your Life


16:07Unchecked Wiretapping to Continue: Obama Signs FISA Extension, Senate Votes against Oversight16:06DDoS Toolkit Being Used in Synchronized Attacks Against Banking, Hosting and Energy Firms15:58Adobe, Microsoft Ready Patches for Next Week15:58Cyber thieves pose as Google+ social network15:57Google didn't manipulate search results to hurt rivals: US FTC15:56Inquiry Into Tech Giants’ Tax Strategies Nears End


16:53Ubuntu operating system comes to Android smartphones16:52Iran Stages Cyber Warfare Drill: Report16:47Security Flaws with Snapchat and Poke Exposed16:46UK to launch public cyber security awareness campaign16:45Microsoft renews plea for crackdown on Google16:43One iOS piracy system disappears, two new ones arrive