News for February 2013 Year


17:09Android spambot, blended threats top mobile spam threats in 201317:08China shuts down 225 pornography websites17:07Top 10 must-know tips on how to keep your passwords strong and secure17:06RSA 2013: Hacking back is illegal, says legal advisor17:05Big data is adding tremendous strain to datacentres, says IDC16:41А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to International Women's day (8th of March) has started!15:55Russian news agency's domain name stolen


17:10Adobe Issues Flash Player Security Update to Block Attacks17:09Stuxnet Version 0.5 Targeted Crucial Valves that Feed Uranium Hexafluoride Gas Into Centrifuges17:08RSA 2013: Malicious data breaches result in significantly higher costs16:56Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 10 browser for Windows 716:55Google extends social Web reach to counter Facebook's rise16:54Adobe Photoshop Touch arrives on smartphones


17:13Apple offers compensation for kids' in-app purchases17:08NBC hack serves Citadel malware to visitors17:07RSA 2013: Obama cyber order will have significant effect, says DoHS17:04RSA 2013: Cyber security skills shortage needs urgent attention, says DoHS17:03London councils planning public Wi-Fi using lamp posts17:02Outdated technology holding back 88pc of European education sector


16:58European Space, Industrial Firms Breached in Cyber Attacks: Report16:58Hackers attack Microsoft computers16:57Smartphones running Firefox OS coming this summer16:46Number and cost of data breaches linked to cyber skills shortage16:45Mozilla WebRTC lets you call from your browser16:44Cyber-Attackers Most Often Target Nine Business Apps: Research Report


16:39Most employees would change online behaviour if they knew their bosses were watching16:39Nearly two-thirds of organizations are already infected with bots16:38Older Facebook photos will be moved to ‘cold storage’ soon16:37Attacks are evolving; but organizations’ deployed defenses are not16:28Paypal launches chip-and-pin device16:28China Cybervictim Claims a Red Herring: Analysts


17:36Twitter begins integrating advertising software; joins hands with Adobe, Salesforce17:33China Steps Up Defense on Hacking Allegations17:31Trust-Based Attacks Against SSH, SSL Cost Firms Big Money: Report17:29Microsoft cooler than Facebook, Twitter; Google's Android more than Apple, finds survey17:28US will pile diplomatic pressure on cyber crime nations, says attorney general Eric Holder17:28Samsung criticised for delay in fixing cut-and-paste bug


17:24Apple moves to close Java hack flaw after intrusion17:23Google touts Gmail security17:22Yahoo unveils website revamp, goes social with Facebook integration17:225 more critical fixes for Java released by Oracle17:21Office 2013 licence confusion continues as Microsoft backtracks on broken PCs17:20McAfee warns of NFC threat to mobiles


17:39Microsoft's Outlook takes aim at Google's Gmail17:38No user data compromised in hack, claims Facebook17:37Army Manual Gives Secretary of Defense the Right to Order Drone Surveillance in U.S.17:37Economic impact of the ‘Internet of Everything’ will be US$14trn – Cisco’s Chambers17:32Is There a Market for “Used” Ebooks, Apps and Digital Music?17:31BlackBerry image exploit threatens enterprise servers


17:43Adobe to release emergency patches for Reader, Acrobat17:40Skype launches video messaging, Windows Live Messenger upgrades start in April17:36Spending long hours surfing the Web leads to depression17:35Facebook is the latest media company to admit it was hacked17:32Americans Voice Concerns About Cyberwarfare: Survey17:28EU to Act Against Google Over Privacy Rules: French Agency


17:23The Comment Group: The hackers hunting for clues about you17:22New Malware Campaign Targets Uyghur Activists On Mac OS X17:2020% of enterprises fall victim to APT attacks17:19Google shares users' personal information with developers, raises privacy concerns17:18How PayPal is perpetuating the phishing problem17:16International Skype calls grew by half in 201215:32Grab the Chance! А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to President’s Day (February 18), International Mother Language Day (February 21) and George Washington's Birthday (February 22) has started!


16:54Latest Adobe Zero-Day Is Serious Business: Attackers Escape Adobe Reader Sandbox16:53Adobe angers iOS developers with 10% Director charge16:52Spanish Police and Europol Bust Global "Ransomware" Operation16:51Businesses are more willing to take datacentre risks amid budget cuts16:50Researchers develop computer-based system to help identify people at risk of suicide16:49iOS 6.1 patch to fix Exchange flaw that kills iPhone battery14:19Leave your name in history - participate in making the hidden knowledge public!


15:27Twitter plans ‘pay by tweet’ system15:26Five-month malvertising campaign serves up silent infections15:23Retail sector leads the pack for worldwide data breaches15:13Obama Signs Executive Order on Cybersecurity14:57PayPal, Lenovo Alliance Launches New System to Fix the Password Problem14:56Spanish scientists develop more accurate sat-nav system


17:05Homeland Security Approves Seizure of Cell Phones and Laptops within 100 Miles of Border; Report Remains Secret17:04Beware! Fake Android app 'Superclean' infects your device; sends SMSs to unknown contacts17:04IT industry group releases password-killing standard16:56Banking trojans change up their tactics16:51Symantec: Employees Don't Believe Stealing Corporate Data is Wrong16:50National Audit Office warns UK needs more skilled cyber-crime fighters


16:30Vodafone warns iPhone users off iOS 6.1 update16:29Reading e-books easier than printed versions for older people16:06Smartphone users check mobiles 150 times a day: Report15:56Military-grade social media spying technology revealed15:55The biter bit – Bit9 hacked15:54Facebook sued over 'like' button


18:39Fed stays secretive after Anonymous hack18:38Patch Tuesday preview: February 201318:37Drive-by downloads most dangerous online threat18:36Employees 'don't think twice' about stealing corporate data18:34Adobe Patches Flash Player Against Active Attacks18:33Kids 'using coding skills to hack' friends on games, expert says


18:08Search engines, social media more prone to cyber attacks: Report18:07Half of new retail customer IDs will be based on social network IDs by 2015 - Gartner18:06Malware takes a Nap to avoid detection18:05EU cyber security strategy and Directive announced today18:04Court Again Blocks Philippines Cybercrime Law18:02'$1m-a-year' botnet shut down by Microsoft and Symantec15:48Seize the moment! А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to St. Valentine's Day has started!


18:58Federal Reserve confirms hack attack led to data leak18:57Nearly a third of computers scanned worldwide in 2012 were infected - report18:56Oracle’s MySQL 5.6 spans to NoSQL to offer more agility18:54BlackBerry adds app store security to weed out malware18:50Microsoft wants you to break up with 'untrustworthy' Google this Valentine's Day18:49"Unlocked" Nokia Lumia 920 trapped on EE


17:21Now, a smart pen that vibrates when you make a grammatical error17:20Citadel alive and kicking, and evolving from banking to APT17:18Privacy and DNA databases – a new PII concern17:16Researchers Attack TLS, DTLS Protocol Vulnerability17:15US Energy Department Was Hacking Victim17:14Internet safety lessons urged for five-year-olds


16:08News headlines used to predict future events16:07China Communist Paper Rejects Hacking Allegations16:06Facebook's 9th birthday: Milestones in the history of the social networking king16:05Coming soon: Run Windows apps on Android using Wine16:03Oracle rushes out another Java update16:02Big data bounce - organisations are bringing their data back in-house


16:16Computer virus accuses victims of viewing child porn16:15Apple blocks Java on Macs due to security threat16:14Wall Street Journal Says Hit by Chinese Hackers Too16:04Symantec Uncovers Attacks Targeting Defense, Aerospace Execs16:03The psychology of an internet troll16:02Google just meets EU competition commissioner’s deadline