News for March 2013 Year


17:15Spamhaus attack overhyped, traffic monitoring service says17:09Shape of future IT emerges through the cloud17:08Google ventures into grocery delivery with Google Shopping Express17:07Juniper unveils next-gen data center security, global attacker intelligence service17:06US, Russia are top cyber-threat hosts16:59Android Malware Spreads Via IRS Spam Campaign


17:28ComReg warns businesses to defend against PBX fraud over Easter weekend17:27Assange prosecutor quits while accuser sacks lawyer17:25US bans Chinese technology for government departments17:24Steve Jobs' first boss gives tips on how to find the next Steve Jobs17:23Java vulnerabilities are almost ubiquitous17:22Global internet slows after 'biggest attack in history'


17:17Facebook adds 'reply' button to comments for Pages17:17CIA Strategy: Collect All Data and Keep it Forever17:16New approach to online banking takes authentication out of the browser17:12Identifying individuals through mobile tracking17:11North Korea Defector Sites Report Cyber Attack17:10Unpatched Java Versions Remain Widely Used: Report


17:41Anonymous claims Mossad hack; experts not convinced17:40Fresh IE8 vulnerability used in watering hole attack on Chinese dissidents17:38Facebook brings free mobile calls to the UK17:37Modern Malware Increasingly Using Real-Time Web to Evade Detection: Report17:34Saudi Threatens to Ban WhatsApp, Viber and Skype: Sources17:33Study warns on mobile location data privacy11:22Seize the occasion! А GREAT PROMOTION!


17:53Google's Eric Schmidt uses a BlackBerry, says likes its keyboard!17:52Google, Apple, Amazon test music streaming waters17:50UK law enforcement requests most data from Skype17:49Google joins the crowd in planning smart watch17:48AlienVault Exposes New Details of Sykipot Attacks17:47Microsoft details global police data requests


17:14Despite Supreme Court Decision, Obama Administration Insists GPS Tracking Doesn’t Require Warrant17:13Google searches the internet for talented employees17:09New lock screen bypass bug in Apple’s latest iOS17:09Google's Chrome, Android systems to stay separate: Eric Schmidt17:08South Korea Tracks Cyber Attack to China, North Still Suspect17:07Whole internet probed for insecure devices


17:35Security officials reject BlackBerry 10 for government use17:34MIT to release documents about information activist Aaron Swartz17:33South Korean TV Networks, Banks Under Suspect Cyber Attack17:33Scam warning: Facebook Black is back17:32Android Malware Variant Targeting Online Banking Users in Italy, Thailand17:31Botnet steals 'millions of dollars from advertisers'


15:35Telenor reports industrial espionage15:34International Body to Allow Large Corporations to Buy Entire Domain Extensions15:32Samsung working on wristwatch to rival Apple's: Source15:31Europol Declare 3600 Organized Crime Groups in EU15:24Research Goes Inside Attacks on SCADA Systems15:23Players at risk from game store hack attack


16:39Removing administrator rights is no solution against drive-by attacks16:38Has HTTPS been broken?16:3219-year-old men biggest victims of online bullying: Study16:31Why it is so difficult to monitor your kids' online activity16:30Indian Police Set Up Lab to Monitor Social Media16:25Researchers Expose Security Flaws in EA's Origin Gaming Platform


17:10Printer-related security breaches affect 63% of enterprises17:09North Korea Says US, South Korea Behind Major Cyber Attack17:08NIST’s National Vulnerability Database vulnerable and hacked17:06Terror groups lack cyber skills to disrupt critical services, says academic17:05Facebook to ape Twitter again; plans to introduce hashtags17:04Internet's 'bad neighbourhoods' spread scams and spam


17:53National Security Increasingly Cited in Freedom of Information Act Denials; EPA Suspected of Selective Obstruction17:53Facebook, Twitter called out for deleting photo metadata17:52Report Highlights Costs of Mitigating Top Cyber Threats17:50Israeli Counter-Terrorism Websites Used in Watering Hole Attacks17:49Is Mandiant wrong about the Chinese cyberthreat?17:47Google to retire RSS news-feed service


17:21Hotmail and Outlook hit by ongoing fault, Microsoft confirms17:20New top level domains could jeopardise the openness of the Internet17:18Syria, China Worst for Online Spying: RSF17:11PayPal CISO Michael Barrett bullish on password alternative standard17:10Intel Android code allows dual boot with Windows 817:09Air Safety Plan to Examine U.S. Travelers’ Personal Data Triggers Privacy Concerns


16:58Cross-platform malware that hit tech giants had specific targets16:57Phishing emails sent in pairs to lend authenticity, says training company16:57Fraud Office admits conflict of interest in Autonomy probe16:56Tom Ridge to Congress: stop partisan bickering and start focusing on common goals to secure cyberspace16:53Microsoft shares code for Kinect game gadget16:52Facebook 'likes' predict personality


17:23Bank fraud claims over four million victims in UK17:22India makes 13 requests a day for web user data: Google17:21China hits back at US accusations of government-inspired cyber espionage17:20China’s next-generation internet is streets ahead of the West17:19Facebook a tricky path for app developers17:18Australia's central bank targeted by hackers


15:59Android malware accounted for 79pc of all mobile threats in 201215:58EU waters down data protection plans15:56Review: Neither Siri nor Google Now is flawless, but voice search has potential15:52Researchers Uncover More Details on Attacks Using Fake Mandiant Report15:52Raspberry Pi got DDoS’d15:51Frozen Android phones give up data secrets


16:48Infected pirated software will cost consumers and businesses billions this year - study16:47Traditional security fails against targeted attacks, says Trend Micro16:46Identity theft tops list of FTC complaints – again16:35Facebook Changes Led Users to Reveal More: Study16:34Cloud Computing Survey Shows Many not Evaluating Security Before Deployment16:33Microsoft fined by European Commission over web browser


17:20Google services should not require real names: Google's Vint Cerf17:18RSA 2013: Security is not keeping pace with threats17:13Trolling – academics look at an online sub-culture that verges on bullying17:12Samsung’s New Smartphone Will Track Eyes to Scroll Pages17:11Blackhole Exploit Kit Picks-up New Java Vulnerability17:10Malware Attack Linked to Bit9 Hack, Researchers Say


16:37Cloud service providers: what are their five biggest lies?16:36Worldwide public cloud market to total US$161bn this year16:35Evernote online storage breached by hackers16:28Dropbox users wrestling with spam – again16:28China claims US-based hackers constantly target its assets16:27Mars Curiosity rover put into 'safe mode' after glitch


17:31Transparent 3D computer created by student17:30RSA 2013: Government will help businesses to help themselves, says US cyber lead17:25Hollywood targets 'rogue' mobile apps for pirated content, Warner Bros sends Google take down notice17:24China Says US-based Hackers Attack its Military Websites17:24In death, Facebook photos could fade away forever17:23O2's Tu Go aims to challenge Skype and other Voip apps