News for April 2013 Year


15:10Online monitoring scheme bad news for security, opponents say15:09IBM's "internet of things" hardware supports 13m messages per second15:08Microsoft is bringing Skype video calling to every inbox15:07Verizon DBIR: State-sponsored espionage targets large and small organizations14:59Mobile Malware Market Thriving, APWG Reports14:57Cern re-creating first web page to revere early ideals


17:46Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, Destructive Attacks Top Threats in Q1: Trend Micro17:45ICANN: Reporting a DDoS Attack Requires Thought and Speed17:43Google Glass rooted; then kernel source code released17:42Small businesses worse than consumers on security17:41Spamhaus hacker "worked from mobile office in van"17:35Employees see using Facebook at work as their right: Study


17:26Vulnerable terminal servers reflect bigger security problem17:25Kaspersky: cyber-attacks could be "catastrophic" for human race17:16Chrome browser to open Office docs17:14Iceland, Wikileaks and The Pirate Bay17:02Cyber-Attacks From North Korea Jump Significantly: Solutionary17:01US Banking Sector Too Vulnerable to Hackers: FSOC Report14:34А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to International Workers' Day has started!


16:56Islamic group expands targets in bank DDoS attacks16:55Skype coming to BlackBerry 10 devices16:52iTunes celebrates a decade, faces new challenges16:51Twitter tests two-factor authentication16:50Verizon: Financial malware, state-sponsored hacking dominated 2012 data breaches16:48Israel Airport Security 'Allowed to Read Tourists' Email'


17:25Serious flaw present in latest Java Runtime Environment for desktops and servers, researchers say17:24More malware discovered from drone cyberattacks17:22Global enforcement of law in cyberspace years away, says BCS17:1790% of UK firms hit by cyber-attack last year17:15Touchscreen Qwerty layout "belongs in the past"17:13Twitter tests two-factor authentication, AP accounts suspended following hack


15:51Apple blocks Google Motorola's sensor patent challenge15:50Malware Abuses Trust to Spread on Twitter15:48Communications Bill: ICO demands information; academics call it naive15:47Infosec 2013: Every business a target of cyber attack, Verizon breach report shows15:45Bogus ad network marks new twist on Android malware15:43Voice-to-text just as dangerous to drivers as texting: Study


17:11Siri still a privacy worry despite Apple spelling out policy17:08Unity readies cross platform game development tool for BlackBerry 10 with open beta test17:05Easy XP-Windows 7 upgrades are over17:00BadNews Android malware pushes fraud schemes16:58Google Boosts Extension Protections in Chrome16:57Japanese police target users of Tor anonymous network


17:10Popular home routers contain critical security vulnerabilities17:09Yahoo launches iOS weather app, email apps for iPad, Android tablets17:07Russian malware mines bitcoins through botnet17:06Google CEO defends "crazy" projects like Google Glass17:04Cispa bill on cyber security passed by the US House17:03Gozi is back – and worse than ever


17:40Open source is taking over the software world, survey says17:39Twitter to show ads based on the content of users' tweets17:38White House still unhappy with cyber security bill17:37Recycled phones retain their previous owners’ data17:36Microsoft: You're 5.5 Times More Likely to Be Infected Without AV17:34Twitter launches #Music service with artist recommendations


17:38Watch 'iSteve': A mockumentary on the life of Steve Jobs17:37U.S. Digital Public Library Launches This Week17:35Networks must update Android phones, says US group17:3395 Percent of Mobile Threats in 2012 Targeted Android, Says NQ Mobile17:33Oracle plugs 42 Java flaws in critical update17:31White House threatens to veto cybersecurity bill


17:37Android was originally designed for cameras17:30IRS Accused of Ignoring Ruling Requiring Warrants to Spy on Email17:28Google reveals the tech specs behind Glass – 16GB storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth17:26Mobile malware up 163% in 2012, says NQ Mobile17:20FAA Dismisses 'PlaneSploit' Creator's Claims17:19Motorola Kernel Vulnerability Used to Unlock Droid Devices


16:11US and China co-operate on cyber security16:10Enterprise security moving to the cloud, says Gartner16:09Too much texting can make you shallow: Study16:08Can human genes be patented? US Supreme Court to decide16:07If you haven’t yet, do not install Patch Tuesday’s MS13-036 bulletin16:06Wordpress website targeted by hackers13:52А GREAT PROMOTION has started! Excellent apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch will make a Wonderful Present for your friends!


16:52Firms urged to look at alternatives for a post-XP world16:48ICS-CERT reports two hacks on building management systems16:47Microsoft withdraws patch after botched security update16:3190 Percent of Game Hacks Infected with Malware, AVG Warns16:28Obama Budget Invests in Cybersecurity16:26Google launches tool to determine data use after death


17:30South Korea accuses North Korea of launching cyber attacks17:28How the tables have turned: Microsoft hits out at 'evil' Google, again17:27Does the IRS read private emails without a warrant? Probably...17:16PC sales plunge as users dismiss Windows 817:14Bitcoin Botnet Ranked as Top Threat for Q1 201317:09Hacker targets flight deck computer systems


17:50Hackers turn a Canon EOS camera into a remote surveillance tool17:49Google battles human trafficking with global hotline17:40Microsoft, Nokia accuse Google of blocking competition in mobile space17:39IBM: DDoS, web exploits, hacker sophistication on the rise, but mobile security looking good17:37Freedom of the Press Foundation Publishes Leaked Audio of Bradley Manning’s Statement17:36South Korea blames North for bank and TV cyber-attacks


17:54US Air Force designates six cyber tools as weapons17:53IT staff most in demand but skills gap remains, finds REC study17:51Banks need to improve social media interaction17:50People use phones, tablets while watching television: Survey17:49POS report demonstrates the difference between compliance and security17:47WikiLeaks Launches Searchable US Historical Archive


17:08Businesses flagging as Windows XP enters its final year17:07Your Facebook, Twitter popularity may land you a job17:00Pincer.A – new Android trojan warning16:57Why mobile bank fraud is rising, and how it should be stopped16:55Anonymous Attacks Israel, but Damage 'Minimal'16:53Skype trojan forces Bitcoin mining, security firm warns


17:34Friday is the worst day of the week for phishing attacks, apparently17:33Microsoft's next Patch Tuesday to fix nine flaws17:30Malware hits businesses 20 to 60 times an hour, say researchers17:18Watching porn on BlackBerry Z10? Beware! Your friends can know17:17ICS-CERT Examines 3 Years of Data to Reveal Common Vulnerabilities for Critical Asset Owners17:15Facebook's release of 'home' spurs privacy worries


17:33Security is Lax for U.S. Army Smart Phones and Tablets17:32Fraudsters widen card-skimming operations in Europe17:30UK think-tank advocates a central hub for police social media intelligence17:28Breakthrough promises 1,000 times faster memory17:26‘Darkleech’ Malware Infects 20,000 Legitimate Apache Powered Sites17:25Hack attacks hit Bitcoin exchange rates


18:43Mobile phone celebrates 40th anniversary18:42ICS-CERT Warns of Mitsubishi MX SCADA Vulnerability18:40London Underground users can now be hacked at more than 100 Tube stations18:39Baidu Eye: China's Baidu developing Google Glass rival18:37Google blames missing iPhone app search results on bug18:34Anonymous threatens to declare cyber war on North Korea


17:54Army knocked over mobile device cybersecurity17:53FBI Wants More Authority to Spy Live on Gmail, Skype, Dropbox and Cloud17:52Security incident response below par at most firms, says Guidance Software17:50American Express joins the ranks of US banks attacked by al-Qassam group17:49Military, Men's Health-themed emails spreading malware17:48Six European Countries Move Against Google Over Privacy


17:02Google sniffs out an April Fool's joke with Google Nose17:01YouTube's April Fool's prank: The site's shutting down till 202317:00Has Anyone Seen a Missing Scroll Bar? Phony Flash Update Redirects to Malware16:55Tax fraud season: IRS warns of ID theft, charity scams16:54Spammers use Google Translate to Bypass Filters16:53'Petaflop' supercomputer is decommissioned