News for May 2013 Year


16:43Google targets Microsoft with "aggressive" zero-day deadline16:42Chinese Hackers Obtained Designs of Advanced Weapons Systems Critical to U.S. Missile Defense16:40Facebook finally catches up with Twitter and introduces verified accounts16:39Malaysia Police Track 'Money Trail' in US Fraud Probe16:33China Defence Ministry Dismisses US Cyberspying Paper16:32HTML5 webpage locks 'would stifle innovation'


17:49US prosecutes '$6bn money-laundering hub'17:47All Governments Hack Secret Data: Huawei17:45Taiwan to Open New Cyberwar Unit: Report17:44Facebook Fan Page phishing scam aims to hijack accounts17:43Anonymous posts alleged EDL contact details17:41Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at wearable computers


17:33Sky Apps hacked – but not the apps themselves17:32Mozilla partners with Foxconn, new Firefox OS device reveal expected on 3 June17:26Opera releases first Chromium browser for desktop17:23Commission wants to turn tables on IP thieves by crippling PCs with extortion-style lock-outs17:20US weapons system designs were reportedly viewed by Chinese hackers17:19Smart meters need to be harder to hack, experts say


17:29CIOs Should Be Prepared for Litigation Disasters17:27Italian prosecutor may put Facebook staff under investigation after girl's suicide over online 'bullying'17:26NASA to cover launch of next International Space Station crew17:22Syrian Electronic Army Launched Cyber Attack Against Israeli Water System: Expert17:20Sky says Android apps safe to use after Twitter hack17:19Europe investigates Apple's anti-competitive iPhone sales tactics: Report10:28Seize the moment! The PROMOTION devoted to International Children's Day (June, 1st) has started!


17:34China, US to Try New Tone in Desert Outing17:32DHS Says Software Vulnerability Put Sensitive Employee Information At Risk17:31Despite high profile hacks, security is on right track says Cybercrime Report17:23Computer Fraud and Abuse Act used to threaten journalists17:22Google to lengthen SSL encryption keys from August17:20Google to add Galapagos Islands to Street View


17:31IT security vendors seen as clueless on industrial control systems17:30Economic future depends on e-ID, says Security Identity Alliance17:21Congressional report: US power grid under continuous cyber-assault17:20Twitter launches two-factor authentication17:18CISOs Concerned Over 'Bring-Your-Own-Anything'17:07Layered Security Approach Still Fails to Block Exploits: Report


17:37Most Small to Medium Enterprises Clueless on Common Mobile Threats: Survey17:36Because Obama Administration Demanded Google Cooperate in Surveillance, Chinese Gained Access to Targets17:34Citadel malware targeting Payza platform for emerging markets17:32UK data breaches largely hidden, says Stroz Friedberg17:27Teens migrating to Twitter, complain about too much drama on Facebook17:25iPhone 6 release date, specs, price: what we expect to see10:57A uinque opportunity: Now you can participate in creating a remarkable app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!


17:41Small firms lose up to £800m to cyber crime, says FSB17:39Flickr offers "awesome" 1TB of free storage17:33Digital strongboxes won't solve whistleblower problem for journalists17:31Apple uses firms outside US to avoid taxes17:30US government seeks input on cybersecurity in wake of Obama's Executive Order17:28DHS to Share Zero-Day Intelligence


17:13Security Experts Warn that FBI Wiretapping of Internet Could Backfire17:11China's 'state-sponsored hackers renew attacks on US'17:1022 million user IDs may have been stolen from Yahoo Japan17:05Managing the mobile enterprise17:04YouTube turns 8: More than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute17:03Video games may boost heart health in kids


16:42Experts ding DHS vulnerability sharing plan as too limited16:41Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr apps come to Google Glass16:40Did Stuxnet help rather than hinder Iran’s nuclear program?16:22EU may consider 'hack-back' legislation16:21Malicious YouTube Pages Targeting Chrome Users16:13ESET Uncovers Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting Government Agencies in Pakistan


16:38Booming mobile industry spawning global criminal marketplace16:36Google boosts photo offerings on Google Plus to rival Facebook16:35LulzSec hackers saw themselves as "latter-day pirates"16:33Game-changer: Android malware moves beyond apps16:32PushDo Malware is Back Again: Resurfaces With Advanced Capabilities16:31Nasa buys into 'quantum' computer


17:55Microsoft promises free Windows 8.1 update17:53IT pros turn a blind eye to secure coding17:52Microsoft ties up with Google, offers Google Talk in Outlook.com17:50Justice Dept. Secretly Obtained Phone Records of Associated Press…Obama Crosses the Freedom of the Press Line17:49Mozilla to Firefox: 'Browser, Heal Thyself'17:47In ebook case, Apple says publishers had already taken measures to counter Amazon


16:31New Apache Backdoor Targeting cPanel Installations16:26FBI Shrugs Off Law Requiring Email Warrants16:25Consumers still ignoring malware protection16:24Companies, government unprepared for new wave of cybersabotage16:22It's better to call ahead before sending malware, Symantec finds16:21Happy birthday Mark Zuckerberg: 29 interesting facts about him


17:19EE data "being sold to track customers"17:18Federal Prosecutors Charge 8 in $45 Million ATM Scam17:08Snapchat’s expired snaps are not deleted, just hidden17:07502 error continues to plague Gmail users17:01Malware targeting Facebook profiles on Chrome, Firefox detected16:59SCADA Vulnerabilities in Rockwell and Schneider Products Disclosed


16:57No subscription-only Office for now, says Microsoft16:56Stealthy Web server malware spreads further16:56Cybercrime booming in Latin America and Caribbean, Trend Micro finds16:54Microsoft to unveil 'Windows Blue' later this year16:52US is real hacking empire, says China16:51Popular Media Websites Compromised to Deliver Malware to Visitors


17:53Adobe starts subscription for Photoshop and Dreamweaver17:52Beijing Says US Defense Report Hypes China Threat17:51Los Alamos National Labs has been operating quantum cryptography for more than 2 years17:49Researchers hack Google’s Australian office building17:40Google's YouTube to launch pay channels soon17:39Microsoft to make "key changes" to Windows 8