News for June 2013 Year


16:06Facebook’s contact leak bug 'affected non-users'16:05Obama Anti-Whistleblower Program Requires Federal Employees to Report Suspicions of other Employees or Risk Punishment16:04Microsoft Windows 8.1 preview version now available for download16:00NSA to implement 'two-man rule' in wake of Snowden leak15:59DHS, Europol Fraud Crackdown Seizes 328 Websites15:57US Talks with Russia on Snowden Ongoing: White House


16:48BitTorrent revamps to prove itself as legal service16:47Windows 8.1: Microsoft to unveil latest Windows adjustments16:32Carberp source code leaked – new variants expected16:28Google Expands Transparency Report to Map Malicious Websites16:26Cloud Security Gets Mixed Grade in Survey16:25Google not obliged to delete data, rules EU lawyer


17:35Facebook 'dossier' find raises contact list privacy questions17:33Skype began Cooperating with NSA 5 Years Ago17:32Skype: We ditched peer-to-peer for mobile, not snooping17:31EU Announces New Data Breach Rules for Telecoms17:29Compromised Yahoo! Accounts Used to Spread Android Trojan17:28Cyber attack hits South Korea websites


15:58Instagram video review: A savvy move by Facebook, also easy to use15:56EU data protection regulators begin action against Google15:49Skype accused of making "call snooping easier"15:37Chinese hackers turn to Operation PRISM as phishing lure15:35Report: Significant gap between IT staff and executives' understanding of security15:29Cyberriminals Using Mug Shots to Extort Victims Online


17:3112pc of mobile data usage in North America dedicated to music streaming17:29Yahoo rejects fears hackers will exploit old user IDs17:28Kim Dotcom outraged after Megaupload data "massacre"17:17Online SAP Deployments Widely Susceptible to Attack17:14Malicious Campaign Targeting Government Security News Hit Dozens of Sites17:12Microsoft U-turn in Xbox One games row10:38Grab the Chance! А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to the World Olympic Day has started!


16:40Google challenges US surveillance court on free speech grounds16:36Malware swarming on P2P networks16:35Chrome Vulnerable to Camjacking16:34Top WordPress Plugins Contain Serious Security Vulnerabilities16:33Source Code for Carberp Trojan for Sale in Cybercrime Underground16:28US surveillance foiled 50 plots, says spy chief Alexander


17:48On Prism, privacy and personal data17:45Yahoo latest to disclose user data requests from US law enforcement agencies17:43Batteries hold key to wearable device revolution17:40Surveillance cameras can be hacked - who is watching you?17:39Big Data causes big problems for security17:36Misplaced Security Confidence Keeping Organizations at Risk: McAfee


17:45Apple discloses US data requests following Prism leaks17:41China Army Newspaper Hits out at US's PRISM Program17:32Microsoft adds two-factor authentication to its Azure cloud platform17:31Google builds system to identify child abuse images17:28Left and Right Sue Obama Administration over Indiscriminate Phone Spying17:26China trounces US in Top 500 supercomputer race


17:50Most Analysis of Spy Data is Done by Private Contractors17:49'The car is the next major technology platform'17:48Microsoft Office makes its iPhone debut; no iPad, Android versions yet17:46Zeus is hiring money mules – just get infected first17:44Gartner: Most Companies Will Have Data on Assets They Don't Own or Control By 201917:43FDA Warns of Cyber Attacks on Medical Devices


17:32Microsoft criticized for botnet takedown tactics17:19FBI’s Use of Patriot Act to Secretly Obtain Americans’ Business Records Increased by 1,000% Under Obama17:18Glasgow University builds own cloud from Lego and £20 Raspberry Pi17:16Facebook finally introduces hashtags – maybe we’ll all talk a little more17:04Gartner analysts drop the bomb on cyberwar hysteria17:03Google Warns of Password-stealing Campaign in Iran


17:46NSA Revelations Could Push Terrorists to Other Channels17:44UK banks fear cyber-attack more than euro crisis17:41Lawmakers Refute Obama’s Claim that Full Congress Knew about NSA Program17:40MBR-wiping malware targets German victims17:39New Self-Propagating Zeus Variant Detected in the Wild17:37Google, Facebook and Microsoft seek data request transparency


15:57The elusive search for the first ever Web page15:56U.S. Spies Collect 3 Billion Pieces of Intelligence a Day from Computer and Telephone Networks Worldwide15:54The wizardry of Steve Wozniak - interview15:4891% of mobile apps expose personal information15:47New backdoor malware 'KeyBoy' used in targeted attacks in Asia, researchers say15:45Canada Eavesdropping on Phone, Internet Records Too


17:26Negligence and glitches create 64% of data breaches17:25The government spies on your digital life, same story the world over17:15Obama Homeland Security Says Reasonable Suspicion not Needed for Laptop and Cellphone Searches… Hunches Good Enough17:14Annoyance at social media marketing is killing Facebook’s buzz17:08Ponemon Study: Management & Operations Talk Different Languages17:07Edward Snowden was NSA Prism leak source - Guardian11:17Take the opportunity! А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to the Flag Day has started!


16:56US spy chief Clapper defends Prism and phone surveillance16:55US Bill Would Deny Visas, Freeze Assets of Hackers16:51China Claims "Mountains of Data" Pointing to U.S. Hacking16:50China’s Huawei and the UK’s critical national infrastructure16:48Adware: the most pervasive mobile threat16:47CIA Director Panetta Revealed Top Secret Info to Hollywood Screenwriter


17:38Google adds native Android keyboard to Play store17:37Windows 8.1 preview users will be forced to reinstall apps17:34NATO admits to ongoing hacking attempts, sparking info-sharing discussions17:32‘Beyond Orwellian’ – the FBI and NSA spy on all Americans17:30Apple Update Fixes Remote Code Execution Flaws in Mac OS X17:29FBI and Microsoft take down $500m-theft botnet Citadel


17:05Manning Never Talked About Aiding US Foes: Hacker17:03Americans concerned about data breaches, but split on government disclosure regulation17:02Adobe CSO: Fixing vulnerbilities won't thwart hackers17:00Obama Administration declares war on patent trolls16:58iPhone 4 set to be banned in the US16:57Judge Ends 33-Year Ban on Media Access to Medicare Database


17:18Google biometrics tests show there's no magic pill for passwords17:17Malware going retro in 2013, security firm finds17:16Google quickly updates policy to shut down porn apps for Glass17:14Malicious charger can compromise iPhone and iPad in under one minute17:13Push for US Internet 'Wiretap' Law Faces Tough Road17:11Researchers Trigger Mobile Malware with Music, Lighting


17:25Amazon Cloud Servers Host Data on Millions of School Children17:24Google nixes Glass facial recognition due to privacy concerns17:23Targeted cyber espionage on the increase, McAfee warns17:21Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Sides with Challenge to Secrecy of Obama Surveillance17:16Google must comply with NSLs, says judge17:15Apple fights US charges over e-book price-fixing