News for July 2013 Year


17:30Spoofed! Fake GPS signals lead yacht astray17:28Bogus Chrome, Firefox extensions pilfer social media accounts17:27Windows 8.1 Enterprise preview released17:23Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding enemy, still faces up to 136 years in prison17:21Britain is Losing the War Against Internet Crime17:19'Smart' Homes Open doors to Hackers


17:08Car hack highlights march toward remote control of critical systems17:07Universities putting sensitive data at risk via unsecure email17:06Army to Deploy Anti-Missile/Surveillance Blimps over Washington D.C.17:04Google's Chromecast Video Streaming Product Hacked Already17:03Android 'One-Click' Scammers Changing Tactics: Symantec17:02DDoS Attacks Shorter, But Pack More Punch: Reports


17:13FBI, Microsoft takedown blunts most Citadel botnets17:06Top hacker dies days before scheduled Black Hat talk17:04Google Play still riddled with malicious apps, says Symantec16:58Facebook infidelity as painful as in-person cheating16:57Cybercriminals Stealing Payment Card Data Using Card Redirection16:50Car key immobiliser hack revelations blocked by UK court


17:21Apple, Facebook will not face ODPC scrutiny over NSA surveillance17:20Firefox: let us tell websites what you're interested in17:19Critics urge end of passwords, but alternatives not ready for prime time17:11Cybercriminals increasingly use the Tor network to control botnets, researchers say17:0615pc of Facebook users would pay for an ad-free service – survey17:04Multiple Vulnerabilities in Symantec Web Gateway


17:45NSA Claims It Is Unable to Search its Own Emails Due to Having an “Antiquated” System17:43$35 Google Chromecast streams online video, music, images to your TV17:41Mobile and Home Networking Malware Creep On17:39There is No Single 'Most Secure' Browser17:36Hacked in 276 Seconds - Timely Intelligence Improves Ability to Thwart Cyber Attacks: Survey17:33US House votes to continue NSA's phone surveillance17:29А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to the International Day of Friendship has started!


17:18SIM card vulnerabilities easy to fix, researcher says17:17New Trojan could create headaches for banks, customers17:06FTSE 350 firms "leaking" data online17:04Syrian hacktvists hit second mobile app in a week17:03Belarus internet infested with spammers17:02Hackers use Android 'master key' exploit in China


17:38Apple closes developer site after researcher's intrusive hack17:37Web app attacks demand automated defences, study finds17:36Survey reveals true global cost of cyber attacks17:31Mobile manners: 11 dos and don'ts for cellphone users17:30Google now making ads in Gmail look like emails17:27Cybercrime and Cyber-Espionage Put $100 Billion Hit on U.S. Economy: Researchers


17:37US court renews permission to NSA to collect phone metadata17:35UK to block online porn by default17:33Apple testing large screens for iPhone and 13-inch iPad: Report17:29Left and Right Unite to Sue NSA over Telephone Records Surveillance17:28Apple Developer Site Hacked17:27Millions of Sim cards are 'vulnerable to hack attack'


16:17New vulnerability found in Java 7 opens door to 10-year-old attack16:15License Plate Readers Collect Data on Millions of Americans16:03Lawmakers Blast Intelligence Officials Over PRISM15:51Zero-Day Exploits Escalate in 201315:50Android Backup Option Sends WiFi Passwords in Plaintext to Google15:48Apple, Google and other tech giants demand spying openness


14:45Why help desk employees are a social engineer's favorite target14:44Tech Groups Ask US for Transparency in Secret Data Requests14:41Hidden cost of cloud computing is CIOs’ biggest concern14:40Facebook mobile users jumped around 20 per cent in US, UK in June14:39Tumblr Patches its iOS App After Password Vulnerability14:34PayPal 'credits' US man $92 quadrillion in error


16:57Snowden Has “Blueprints” for the NSA, but Withholds Release16:37Water Hole Replacing Spear-Phishing as State-Sponsored Weapon of Choice16:36German Military Knew About PRISM: Report16:34Hackers Sell APK Binders for Google Android Remote Access Tool16:20Facebook asked by court to ban kids under 13 from opening an account16:17Microsoft and Yahoo push for Prism transparency


14:45Black market for software security flaws reaches new highs14:45Mobile malware, mainly for Android, jumps 614% in a year14:44Google Play website gets new look to match mobile app version14:37Verizon Hack Turns Femtocells into Mobile Spy Stations14:36Much Security Spending Focused on Network Instead of Database: Survey14:34Tech firms target ads on pirate websites


17:33Ransomware targets smaller businesses, security CEO warns17:32Apple iWatch "due late next year"17:29Obama Administration Hiding Details of Presidential Policy Directives17:27Apple to probe death of Chinese woman who used iPhone when it was charging17:19UK police use powers to seize personal data at borders17:17US attempts to blocks plans for tax crackdown internet firms


17:41Japanese Government Accidentally Shares Internal Mails Over Google Groups17:36Economic Development Administration Destroyed Its Computer System to Defeat Non-Existent Cyber Attack17:35Lloyds Risk Index: Cyber crime is a top three issue for CEOs17:33Attackers Using Dropbox and Wordpress to Target, Disguise and Distribute17:26Kremlin Turns Back to Typewriters to Avoid Information Leaks17:24NSA's access to Microsoft's services detailed


17:38Facebook: spying will "discourage" users from web services17:21NSA Spying on Latin American Countries Included Targeting of Trade Secrets17:20Apple found guilty of conspiring to raise ebook prices17:18ID Theft Affects 10% of Children17:06Microsoft Orders App Developers to Fix Security Issues within 6 Months16:55Bug Bounty Programs More Cost-Effective Than Hiring Security Experts: Study


17:34Legal experts: Social media should police itself17:33Court Throws out Obama Administration’s State Secrets Defense in NSA Surveillance Case17:26Chinese institute develops 100-megapixel camera17:24Google rolls out new Android version of Maps, kills off Latitude17:14IRS Exposes Thousands of Social Security Numbers17:13PCs attacked after Google worker revealed Microsoft bug


17:37Yahoo sends the once popular search engine AltaVista to the Internet graveyard17:36Knowing adversary key to good cyberdefense, say experts17:31Attack on South Korean targets part of a larger cyber-espionage campaign17:30Workers Don't Trust Employers with Personal Data: Survey17:26Hackers Use NSA PRISM as Lure to Infect Users With Java RAT17:25UK flights affected by computer problems


16:26Microsoft shuts down MSN TV16:21Twitter can't beat news agencies: Study16:20Postal Service Photographs Every Piece of Mail Sent in U.S.16:19Second generation Schengen system deployed16:17PRISM fallout could damage trust in the cloud: Kroes16:0699% Android Devices Vulnerable to App Modification


17:27Secure messaging project, Cryptocat, apologizes over bug17:26Hackers face tougher sentences under new EU laws17:21China, US to discuss cybersecurity at forum17:20State Dept. Spent $630,000 to Increase Facebook Likes for 4 Pages17:08EU-US Security Talks on Spy Row set Monday in Washington17:07France 'has vast data surveillance' - Le Monde report


17:42'Darkleech' Malware Undertakes Ransomware Campaign17:40China Sees Increase in Trojan and Botnet Attacks From Other Countries17:34Buyer beware: Millions lost from rip-off software licences17:33OpenX Addresses New Security Flaws with Latest Update17:32Fortune 500 Executives Often Fall for Trivial Attacks: Report17:31'Master key' to Android phones uncovered


16:10Spam blizzards used to hide malicious activities16:09Windows 8.1 drops built-in Facebook, Flickr in Photos app16:08Further deliberations on the Data Protection Regulation may be held in secret15:54Everybody Spies on Everybody: Ex-intel Officers15:53Security Vulnerabilities in Baseboard Management Controllers Rampant, Research Finds15:52Ubisoft warns millions of video gamers of hack attack


17:26Prism leak indicates real-time surveillance, says paper17:21Flaws Found In ZRTPCPP Library Used to Encrypt Mobile Apps17:19Skype for Android gets a major redesign as it crosses 100 mn downloads17:18Army Blocks Soldiers’ Access to News Articles about NSA Spying Revelations17:16Microsoft kills TechNet subscriptions17:15Researchers mimic board game to bolster computer security


17:39Pair of PC viruses help each other survive17:38Extortion – the hidden crime fueled by DDoS17:3733% of CEOs vulnerable to spear-phishing attacks17:32UK hit by 70 cyber espionage campaigns a month, says GCHQ17:31Microsoft: trial apps get 12 times more downloads17:30EU demands answers over new NSA bugging claims10:07Seize the occasion! А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to the Fourth of July has started!