News for August 2013 Year


15:57One developer responsible for more than a third of BlackBerry 10 apps15:5535 per cent rise in Android malware in Apr-Jun, banking info at risk15:50Declassified Document Confirms Obama Administration Lied about Internet Surveillance Program15:48Mobile Development Projects Carry Big Privacy Risks for Developing World15:47Britain Has Secret Middle East Web Surveillance Base: Report15:45Ebay users hit by site problems


17:45Facebook rolls out Embedded Posts for all internet users17:44Cyberattacks affect more people in EU than system failures in 201217:42Latest NSA revelations could help pending lawsuits17:41Poison Ivy RAT gnawing on systems again17:39British Agents Supervised Destruction of Guardian’s Computers to Disrupt NSA Reporting17:37NSA illegally collected thousands of emails, US admits


16:59Bitcoin wallet service to issue refunds after users' funds stolen16:58Facebook "to make internet more affordable"16:49When it comes to apps, consumers have shorter attention spans16:46FireEye Unveils New Research, Analysis Tools for Poison Ivy RAT16:44New Zealand Passes Law Allowing Domestic Spying16:42Groklaw news website abandoned over US surveillance


17:22DHS cybersecurity appointment seen as government-industry bridge17:09Microsoft rolls out Skype for Outlook.com17:08Infosecurity Exclusive: Major Media Organizations Still Vulnerable Despite High Profile Hacks17:07'Jekyll' and Hide: Researchers Sneak Malicious Apps into iOS Ecosystem17:05UK Govt Forced Guardian to Destroy Files: Editor17:04Children to have Linkedin profiles


17:25Zealous Internet filter blocks Hamlet as 'violent content'17:24Instagram "likes" worth more than stolen credit cards17:22NSA Violated U.S. Privacy Laws at Least 2,776 Times… In One Year17:11Momentary Google outage causes 40pc drop in web traffic17:09Researcher Defeats Facebook Privacy, Posts to Zuckerberg’s Private Wall17:08Britain Faces Furore Over Snowden-linked Detention


17:38Google Says Its Customers Shouldn’t Expect Any Email Privacy17:37Microsoft: Google's making up excuses to block our YouTube app17:35Facebook tests mobile payments tool17:28Error 451 – Unavailable for Legal Reasons17:20Researcher Outlines Hack of Smart Light Bulbs17:18Washington Post, CNN and Time websites hit by pro-Assad hackers


17:19Hackers target servers running Apache Struts apps17:18Rise in data breaches drives interest in cyber insurance17:17Critics Question Obama’s Vows to Reform Spying Programme17:16In-app purchases will drive app revenue to US$75bn by 2017 – report17:14DNS Posioning and Spoofing Made Simpler with BIND Vulnerability17:13Unauthorised YouTube adverts exposed by security firm


17:27NSA Revelations a Mixed Bag for Private Clouds17:26Bitcoin wallets upgraded after Android cryptography problem17:25Microsoft delivers early warning with latest Patch Tuesday17:14Start isolating critical XP systems now, experts warn17:13NASA sending world's first 3D printer into space17:12Bradley Manning Convicted of Espionage… Obama Achieves What Nixon Couldn’t


17:45XP retirement will be hacker heaven17:44Joomla patches file manager vulnerability responsible for hijacked websites17:39Google bumps up Chrome bug bounty17:29Embarrassed by Leaks, NSA to Replace 90% of System Administrators with Automation17:25Malicious Ad Networks Target Mobile Devices17:23US National Security Agency 'is surveillance leviathan'


17:49PayPal trials facial recognition payments in London17:48Malware Used Against NYT Evolves and Returns17:47Zero-day attacks: How to fight back17:46Pirate Bay unveils browser to dodge ISP blocks17:45Obama Pledges Overhaul on Surveillance17:43Bitcoins at risk of theft on flawed Android apps


17:55Smartphones could evolve into password killers17:54'Western Express' credit-card fraud prosecution ends17:53Surveillance: The Clash between Senator Obama and President Obama17:51Companies avoid cloud due to lack of security skills17:50Mobile Malware Spikes 30% in First Half of 201317:48Snowden link to encrypted email service closes


17:37Amazon offers digital download sales for software17:36Smartphones don't make smart babies17:34Google Chrome security flaw offers unrestricted password access17:33Criminal-targeting Firefox Zero-Day Threatens Mac, Not Just Windows17:32Hand of Thief Banking Trojan Takes Aim at 'Secure' Linux OS17:31Hackers Plant False Gorbachev Death Rumor


17:46Windows phones can be burned by rogue hotspots17:44Firefox 23 finally kills "blink" tag17:41German Spy Agency Supplies NSA with Daily Trove of Surveillance Data17:39CIA’s John Mullen Declares People Biggest Threat and Risk Management Best Defense17:33Mobile Malware Jumps in Second Quarter: Trend Micro17:32US Reporter Says He Has Huge Cache of Snowden Files12:39А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to the International Youth Day (August 12) has started!


17:47Phishing attacks show sudden drop as criminals use servers for DDoS17:45Has Fighting Terrorism Turned the U.S. into a “Post-Constitutional” Country?17:42Waiting for the Supreme Court to Decide if Cell Phone Use can be Private17:40NSA Pays GCHQ for Electronic Spying Services17:39Tor Tells Users to Upgrade Browser Bundle After Freedom Hosting Attack17:38Confused Xerox copiers rewrite documents, expert finds


17:32Mobe networks hacked phones to fix SIM hijack flaw, says bug-finder17:31Android one-click Google authentication method puts users, businesses at risk17:16YouTube Live Streaming now available to channels with over 100 subscribers17:00NSA "betrayal" means hackers less likely to work with government16:57Ending 25-Year Precedent, Federal Judge Rules Prosecutors in Leak Cases do not have to Prove Potential Damage to National Security16:56Websites' servers hacked to host child abuse images


16:27Researchers Demonstrate 'Million Browser Botnet' Concept Built on Legitimate Ad Networks16:26Black Hat 2013: Researchers Demo How Smart TVs Can Watch You16:25How Extensive is NSA Phone and Internet Surveillance… The Latest Revelations16:17Researchers Demo Exploits That Bypass Windows 8 Secure Boot16:16Hybrid cloud accelerates demise of traditional firewall security16:15FBI spooks use MALWARE to spy on suspects' Android mobes - report


17:44No Warrant Needed to Obtain Cell Phone Data from Telecom Providers, Federal Court Rules17:30Researchers show ways to bypass home and office security systems17:29Cloud contracts poor on security, says Gartner17:28Microsoft Office comes to Android, but not tablets or BlackBerry17:26NSA Director's Defense of PRISM, Surveillance Programs at Black Hat Draws Mixed Reviews17:25Apple update to tackle charger hack attack