News for September 2013 Year


16:40Judge Gives Go-Ahead to Case Equating Gmail Scanning with Wiretapping16:39Security Staff Feel Largely Unprepared for Cyber-Espionage and APTs16:38Companies Unaware of the Data Loss Risk in Virtual Storage16:36Microsoft Received 37,000 Legal Requests in Six Months16:35Japan, US to Discuss Strengthening Cybersecurity: Reports16:34UK to create new cyber defence force


17:16Google gives away QuickOffice - and 10GB of Google Drive17:15Clicking “Like” on Facebook is Free Speech, But Online Hate May Be another Story17:14Google brings Wallet to the iPhone, challenges Apple's Passbook17:11Apple iOS 7: A Security Overview17:10Vertexnet Botnet Spotted Using AutoIt17:09RSA warns over NSA link to encryption algorithm


17:41Security incidents in the financial sector have fallen, but there's no cause to celebrate17:40FISA Court Reveals Why It Allowed NSA to Log Americans’ Calls, Claims Telecoms Didn’t Protest17:39'Clicking 'Like' on Facebook is free speech'17:38NSA reveals how Snowden accessed secret Prism files17:3630% of Tor Web Browser Transactions Found to Be Fraudulent17:34US Spy Revelations Hurts Web Trust: Mark Zuckerberg


16:38Look at risk before leaping into BYOD, report cautions16:37Proportionality key to cyber surveillance, says former MI5 head16:36Microsoft issues emergency fix after zero-day IE attacks16:35YouTube to bring offline video viewing with 'Add to Device' feature16:27Mobile Pwn2Own to Pay $300K for iPhone and Android Zero-day Exploits16:25Linkedin challenges US government over data requests


17:40Scientists 'prove' existence of Internet Hate Machine17:37'HoneyDocs' Lays Irresistible Bait for Hackers17:35Proposed changes to WHOIS system called 'extremely disquieting'17:31Mobile security “a tidal wave” of challenges, says security expert17:30Symantec to Revoke SSL Certificates Starting Oct. 117:29Brazilian Lawmakers Seek Russia Visit to Meet with Snowden


17:12Argentina: Teen Hacker 'Stole £30,000-A-Month'17:06Surveillance court orders transparency review of its NSA opinions17:05"USB condom" protects your dongle in any port17:04NSA Collects Private Financial Details of Europeans17:03Snowden Leaks Sparked Welcome Debate: US Spy Chief17:01NSA Snooped on Belgium Phone Company: Report


16:26Dropbox takes a peek at files16:26Facebook, Yahoo CEOs call for transparency over government surveillance16:25Police arrest 12 in "audacious" Santander hack plot16:23NSA Made Secret Deal to Provide Israel with Raw Intelligence, Including Data on Americans16:22NIST Says Don't Use our Crypto Algorithm16:21Medical Identity Fraud in U.S. Tied Largely to Theft by Friends, Relatives


18:04Poor design fosters hacker attacks of websites running PHP18:03EU reveals plan to abolish roaming charges18:02Little girl exposes security flaw in iPhone 5s' fingerprint scanner18:01US govt ‘blew it’ on surveillance, says frustrated Facebook CEO Zuckerberg17:59Yahoo CEO Fears Defying NSA on Data Could Mean Prison17:58Vodafone Germany hack hits two million customers


17:50NSA Has Capability to Access All Your Smart Phone Data17:49US acts to restore faith in encryption standard after NSA backdoor revelation17:48Apple’s iOS 7 to launch on Wednesday, 18 September17:47EC's Proposed Net Neutrality Rules Will End Net Neutrality in Europe17:45Russia Cybercrime Market Reached $1.9 Billion in 2012, Group-IB Estimates17:44Google faces Streetview wi-fi snooping action


17:39Developers force Microsoft to release Windows 8.1 early17:37Microsoft Lures Nonprofits with Office 365 Freebie17:37EU calls for data-sharing deal suspension amid new spying allegations17:35US tapped into networks of Google, Petrobras: Report17:26Most websites could be targeted through PHP, warns Imperva17:24Adware Spreads With Mevade Malware Linked to Tor Surge


16:57Rivals demand test of Google's latest EU search offer16:5425 Years Later, Senators who Helped Create Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Say It Now Does Opposite of Intended Purpose16:52Low-cost iPhone could restore Apple as world leader for mobile internet usage16:51Taidoor analysis shows how malware evolves16:49US Spied on Brazil's Petrobras Oil Firm: Report16:48US NSA and UK GCHQ 'can spy on smartphones'