News for October 2013 Year


17:57Windows XP to pose increasing security risk17:54SMBs suffering from a false sense of security17:50Media agencies must go “digital first” to survive, says The Guardian17:37Old PCs cost employees more than a work week annually - study17:34Apple iOS Apps Found to Have a Common Hijacking Vulnerability17:31Snowden leaks: Google 'outraged' at alleged NSA hacking


17:38Mozilla patches several critical Firefox security holes17:37Many iOS apps found open to hijacking on public Wi-Fi17:36Microsoft reveals operational security methodology17:35USA Freedom Act Takes on Domestic Spying... Again17:34US Spy Chief Defends Spying on Foreign Leaders17:32Adobe hack: At least 38 million accounts breached


17:48Mozilla developing public use geolocation data service17:46XP's infection rate "six times higher" than Windows 817:40Israel Eyes China in Widespread Cyber Attack17:34Malware: Identifying the Code is Only Half the Battle17:33Which is Worse… Obama is Lying about Not Knowing NSA Eavesdropping Details or that he Really Didn’t Know?17:32UDP Attacks Increase as DDoS Tactics Shift


17:08Justice Dept. to Use Warrantless Surveillance in Terror Case for First Time17:07Cyber-terrorism Shut Down Israel's Carmel Tunnel17:06Hackers use Buffer to Send Out Spam on Twitter and Facebook17:05Europe Should be Grateful for US Spying: Lawmaker17:03Dolphin-inspired radar could help detect roadside bombs17:02'Li-fi' via LED light bulb data speed breakthrough


17:29The internet is a "US colony"17:28German Chancellor Confronts Obama over Alleged NSA Monitoring of Her Cell Phone17:26ICS Flaw in Wireless Automation Software Could Spell Catastrophe for Utilities17:24NSA Eavesdropped on 35 World Leaders: Report17:23Mevade Malware Linked to Massive Russian Cybercrime Campaign17:21FBI on the hunt for eBay car 'fraudster'


17:25Microsoft and Symantec push to combat key, code-signed malware17:2486 per cent students text while in class: Report17:22Appeals Court Rules Warrant Needed for GPS Trackers17:21Facebook to trial warnings for extreme content17:20SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting Attacks Surge in Q317:17European Parliament Calls for Freeze on EU-US Terrorist Tracking Agreement


17:53Even the tech-savvy are prone to compromise17:52Torvalds: SteamOS will "really help" Linux on desktop17:50TSA Runs Background Checks of U.S. Passengers before They Arrive at the Airport17:45Apple makes Mac operating system software free to download17:44Energy Sector at Higher Risk of Brute Force Attacks and Malware Threats: Report17:39Google Chrome adds parental controls to browser


17:44MEPs vote to tighten data protection rules after internet surveillance revelations17:42Facebook to allow users upload violent videos again17:38Study: Despite bright, shiny rivals, good old Office still rules at work17:3625 New SCADA Flaws Emerge in Critical Infrastructure17:34UN Atomic Agency Suffers Malware Attack17:32NSA: America's Powerful Electronic Spy Service


17:58Windows 8.1 update glitch stops RT starting up17:57iMessage is Not As Secure As Apple Claims17:56The RU:8080 Gang Kicks Off a New Dropbox Password Reset Campaign17:54China no longer top source of cyber attacks17:54More than a third of Twitter users don't use Twitter17:52Global cloud traffic to increase more than fourfold to 2017 - Cisco


17:01Ransomware nearly doubles in six months – ESET Ireland17:00Fallout From Snowden Leaks Could Hinder Next NSA Chief16:59EC: Europe should become a ‘trusted cloud region’ in the post-Prism age16:57As BYOD Skyrockets, Security Is Not Keeping Up16:56Hackers Compromise PR Newswire Customer Database16:55Piracy site IsoHunt to shut down and pay $110m


17:35Facebook lifts restriction, users under 18 can now share with public17:34FBI’s Facial Recognition System Targeted an Innocent Person up to 1 out of 5 Times17:33DDoS Attacks Getting Harder to Detect17:32US Asks Top Court Not to Take Case on NSA Cyber-Snooping17:30South African Banks hit by Massive Card Fraud17:29Windows 8.1 gets global release


17:41Yahoo to encrypt webmail sessions by default from January17:31Experts recommend safeguards with Chrome personal data store17:28Square Cash lets users send money via email17:26Insider-led Data Breaches Drive a Need for Holistic Defense Frameworks17:24Oracle's October 2013 CPU: 127 Vulnerabilities Fixed, 51 Were in Java.17:13Mocana Rids NSA-Compromised Key Gen Algorithm from Security Engine17:12Underwater wi-fi given test run to create 'deep-sea internet'


17:48EU politicians clash over copyright levies17:46Twitter gives users the option to receive direct messages from all followers17:44D-Link begins fixing router backdoor17:43'Thousands' of North Korea Cyber Attacks on South: Ministry Data17:42NSA Gathering Millions of Email Address Books: Report17:40Snapchat hack secretly saves images using app


17:35Backdoor found in D-Link router firmware code17:34Smartphone accelerometers could track you round the web17:31Obama’s War on Leaks Found to be the “Most Aggressive since Nixon”17:29Public WiFi Hotspots Ripe for MITM Attacks17:28Secret US Court Approves Further Phone Tracking17:27Protests follow Google 'endorsed advert' change


17:41US Government Shutdown Creates Serious Cyber Risks: Experts17:40Second Internet Explorer Zero-Day Patched by Microsoft Used in Campaign Against IE8 Users17:02You can no longer hide yourself from Facebook search17:00Legitimate users of Tor need not worry, says NCA16:59Top tech firms plan cross-platform cookie alternatives16:57Mobile shopping remains stifled by security, ease of use


17:35Risk considerations: Tracking services monitor your every move17:34Twitterers can access TV shows, buy movie tickets directly from a tweet17:33CIA Plans to Shutter Public Access to Foreign News Service… after more than 50 Years17:31Google to reward open source security fixes17:30Hundreds of US Companies Lie about Safe Harbor Conformance17:29Reporter to Publish Snowden Leaks on France, Spain


17:45Shutdown could delay government's patching of IE, Windows and .NET flaws17:43Firefox OS gets performance boost, wider distribution17:42NCA investigates “deep web” after UK Silk Road arrests17:41Study Suggests Website Vulnerabilities Commonplace17:39US Data Collection Opens Doors to Abuse: Report17:38Blackhole malware exploit kit suspect arrested


16:36Google relaxes access controls to Apps documents16:35Wireless carriers need to make changes to combat sim-card fraud16:34UK Lauches Its Own FBI: The NCA16:33Despite Data Privacy Scandal, No Deal Yet on New EU Laws16:31Researchers Examine Depths of Cybercrime in Deep Web16:30Power surges 'cripple NSA data centre'


17:54Microsoft wants to make one operating system for all devices17:49NSA targeted Tor users via Firefox flaw, reports say17:47Russia’s ‘PRISM on steroids’ surveillance will monitor all communications at Winter Olympics17:46Digitally Signed Malware Sees Triple-Digit Growth17:44UK National Cyber Crime Unit becomes operational17:43NSA Director Alexander Uses Weasel Words to Avoid Details of Cell Phone Tracking Program


18:37McAfee Focus 2013: Digitally signed malware a fast-growing threat, say researchers18:36Researchers find flaw in Apple's "Find My iPhone"18:3350% of Australians Don't Believe Malware is a Threat18:32Google: Android Malware Threat is Vastly Exaggerated18:30New iOS 7 security bug exposed, iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner cracked again18:28Adobe in source code and customer data security breach


19:43McAfee Focus 2013: APTs more dangerous than ever, says researcher19:41US DOJ opposes company requests to publish surveillance statistics19:39Silk Road, the online marketplace of vice, shut down by FBI19:38NSA, DHS Retool Cybersecurity Curriculum Requirements19:37Japan, US to Renew Alliance to Address New Threats19:35France approves 'anti-Amazon' bill


18:34Facebook expands Graph Search to include posts and status updates18:32What's a security flaw worth? $12.50 for Yahoo18:21LinkedIn Shuts Down Four XSS Flaws18:19FBI Eases Up on White Collar Crime18:18Mobile Malware, High-Risk Apps Hit 1 Million Mark: Trend Micro18:16Scientists use lightning bolt to charge mobile phone