News for November 2013 Year


17:14Study: Majority of U.S. travelers don't take precautions when using public Wi-Fi17:13DoJ softens stance on Assange, says report17:12Google Nexus phones vulnerable to denial-of-service attack via Flash SMS messages17:10Google "spins an invisible web of personal data"17:09Banks' perception of cyber risks increases after several attacks17:07US admits pirating military software


17:11Worm targets Linux PCs and embedded devices17:10NSA planned to discredit Islamist radicals with porn web history17:09Database of stolen smartphones completed, say US carriers17:07The Paradox of OSS: More Secure by Definition; Often Less Secure in Use17:04Microsoft Confirms New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack17:02EU calls on US to rebuild trust over data transfers


16:03Google launches desktop voice search for Chrome16:00Mass Surveillance: EU Gets More Cooperation From Washington Than London15:59Defeating Eavesdropping in Wireless Communications15:58Blackshades RAT Attack Activity Increasing15:57Sophisticated Banking Trojan Gaining Steam as Holidays Approach15:54Net names .bike and .guru available


16:58Crimeware kit includes Bitcoin, Litecoin miner module16:55Despite NSA Crypto-Meddling, Microsoft Plans Office 365 Encrypted Email16:53Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday Approach: Watch Your Employees16:52Study: Companies are not as secure as they think16:47Banking and SMS content dominate smartphone owners’ security fears16:46White hat Wi-Fi hacking shows vulnerability of business data


17:34Survey: Most Europeans fear cybercrime but fewer take security measures17:32Scammers promise easy money in trolling for LinkedIn users17:30Six arrested after Microsoft tips off police on fake software17:26Twitter Boosts Web Encryption with 'Forward Secrecy'17:23NSA 'infected' 50,000 networks with malware17:21Firm predicts 2014's "most dangerous" malware trends14:28Winter Holidays’ SALES!!!


17:55Privacy groups urge UN to adopt digital surveillance resolution17:54Only half of large companies have strong mobile strategies17:52Compromised digital signatures a threat to Android and PCs, study finds17:48Microsoft rolls out Office 365 admin app for mobile17:46European Parliament votes through €80bn Horizon 2020 research package17:44NSA Collects, Retains and Analyzes Communications Data of Innocent Brits


19:44Stuxnet creators defined 21st century warfare19:42Original NSA Spying Order Released as Supreme Court Refuses to Consider Program’s Legality19:41McAfee finds code-validation dodging Android malware19:3890% of Apple iOS mobile apps show security vulnerabilities19:33Financial Phone Fraud Attempts Double in 1H 2013: Report19:31Australia sites hacked amid spying row with Indonesia


17:56LG investigates Smart TV 'unauthorised spying' claim17:55'i2Ninja' Malware Kit Using I2P for Anonymity17:54Wikipedia cracks down on "black hat" paid editing17:53SMEs failing to prioritise cyber security, study shows17:51Judge Orders Homeland Security to Release Details for Shutting Down Wireless Networks17:50Pentagon Toughens Cybersecurity Requirements for Defense Contractors


16:42Backup the best defence against CryptoLocker16:41Security breaches at federal agencies fuel speculation on break-in tactics16:40Netflix Members at Risk from Silverlight Exploit16:38Cyber-risk Transparency Spurring Cyber-insurance Interest16:36Cybercrime Market Prices Make for Big Business16:35US Meeting on NSA Surveillance 'Constructive,' EU Says


17:33Facebook updates privacy policy17:31Hackers claim they used zero-day vulnerability to breach vBulletin support forum17:29ICANN 'coalition' created to tackle concerns about the future of the Internet17:28Linux backdoor planted on company network to monitor traffic, steal data17:26Rise seen in use of Google service for mobile botnets17:25Google and Microsoft to block child porn searches on their search engines


17:56Google fixes Chrome vulnerabilities exploited at Pwn2Own contest17:55People's ignorance of online privacy puts employers at risk17:54Can Dark Mail promise perfectly secure email?17:45More tech giants dented by US spying fallout17:43Virtual CSI: Microsoft Launches Cybercrime Center17:42Private Sector Key in Cyber War: FBI Chief


17:54Microsoft Patch Tuesday advisories urge ditching old, weak crypto algorithms17:53More than half top bank websites hacked, study shows17:47NSA and GCHQ Infiltrated OPEC’s Computer Network17:46Booming Unauthorized Mobile File-sharing Opens Up Big Risks17:45London-based Banks Simulate Giant Cyber-attack17:44Facebook protects users following Adobe hack attack


17:47Cyber grinches out to spoil Xmas party for shoppers – Trend Micro report17:45Microsoft already patching "diskless" malware attack17:44Chrome helps you silence noisy browser tabs17:43DeputyDog Gang Exploits a New IE Zero-Day Vulnerability with an AVT17:40Stuxnet Also Infected Russian Nuclear Facility17:38Android Malware Continues March Toward Commoditization: F-Secure


17:43Smartphone Subscriptions Will Triple Between Now and 201917:41More than half of corporate breaches go unreported, according to study17:40LinkedIn: no evidence of GCHQ spoofing attacks17:38FireEye security researchers unearth two IE zero-days17:37Google activates person finder service after Philippines typhoon17:36Smartphone PIN revealed by camera and microphone


16:02New Microsoft 0-Day in Use by Two Distinct Hacking Groups16:01Adobe hack: 152m records found leaked online16:00GCHQ data snooping has "destroyed trust in British tech"15:58New Changes to PCI Data Security Standard Published15:57US Weighs Splitting Cyber Command, NSA Jobs15:56'Anonymous' hacks Singapore Prime Minister's website


17:54Berners-Lee: 'Appalling and foolish' NSA spying HELPS CRIMINALS17:52Automated hacking tools swarm Web site login pages17:51Fear of cyber attack driving a shift from risk-based security, says Gartner17:50Russian Hackers Cash in on NSA Theme17:48Survey: Vast Majority of Employees Use Unauthorized File Sharing Services17:46Microsoft and Facebook offer bounties to bug hunters


16:13Biggest Risks in IPv6 Security Today16:10Google Helpouts go live offering video advice16:09Employees easily tricked on social media prime phishing attacks16:08Chrome Adds Auto-blocking for Malware16:03Fake Twitter Followers Selling by the Thousands16:02Bitcoin at risk of network attack, say researchers

04.11.2013 BANS iPads from Cabinet over foreign eavesdropper fears17:37Microsoft promises patch for Windows 8.1 mouse bug17:34Hacktivists deface Australian websites over spying reports17:33Amount of Mobile 'Madware' Spikes in Google Play17:30Singapore Boosts Cyber Defenses After Anonymous Threat17:29US plans for hypersonic robot spy plane revealed


17:44Apple confirms iPhone 5s battery issues, says manufacturing issue is the cause17:42Chrome gets reset button to fix hijacked settings17:39NSA Invaded Google and Yahoo Global Data Centers to Access Hundreds of Millions of Accounts17:38Thanks to a False Sense of Security, Small Businesses Are Skipping Cyber-Protection17:37Cybersecurity Skills Gap Beginning to Have Real Effects on Business17:35Bulk Data Collection Still OK: Senate Panel