News for December 2013 Year


17:18Business applications under stress, finds Freeform Dynamics survey17:16Hundreds of thousands of card numbers stolen in casino company breach17:14SEA denies reported FBI claim that hacktivists were phishing17:12ICO to focus only on 'serious, repeat' data-protection offenders12:28Winter Holidays’ SALES!!!


17:45iPhone 5s bugs and how to fix them17:43Edward Snowden's Christmas message: a child born today will have no conception of privacy17:41Researchers discover vulnerability in Samsung's Knox BYOD software


17:57Suspicious Mobile App Sends Bulk Messages17:54Bosch Says the Future is the Internet of Things


17:41Security Researcher Cancels Talk At RSA Conference in Protest17:40Belgian Card Payment Network Crashes Two Days After Record Usage17:39Want access to mobe users' location, camera, phone ID? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES - ICO17:38Web server malware for Nginx, Apache advertised on underground market17:22Obama Administration Tries to Stop Courts from Ruling on Constitutionality of Warrantless Spying17:21Snowden Declares 'Mission Accomplished' on NSA Leaks


17:52Experts Debate How Hackers Stole 40 Million Card Numbers from Target17:49Jailbreak for Apple iOS 7 Released – But Beware17:48RSA denies secret contract with NSA17:46US government moves to block litigation in NSA surveillance cases17:45Cryptolocker ransom Trojan infected 250,000 PCs, Dell SecureWorks estimates


17:53Cryptolocker ransom Trojan infected 250,000 PCs, Dell SecureWorks estimates17:51Banks must ‘significantly upgrade’ IT systems for risk compliance17:50Microsoft Security Essentials misses 39% of malware in Dennis test17:48UK citizen wins legal round against Facebook over Prism leaks17:40Washington Post Hacked Again; Suspects Chinese Involvement17:38Mobile Security Woes Escalate a Whopping 733%


17:33US Panel's Main Recommendations for NSA Overhaul: Facts17:31Washington Post reports servers attacked, suspects Chinese hackers17:21Unique malware evades sandboxes17:16Massive Chinese Hacking Attack on FEC Computers Exposes Deep Agency Dysfunction17:12Target Hacked: Confirms 40 Million Payment Cards Affected in Massive Data Breach17:08New DDoS malware targets Linux and Windows systems


17:53Is BT ‘embedding secret spy equipment’ in routers?17:51Google releases year end Zeitgeist results for 201317:47Most iPhone users have activation lock enabled, survey finds17:46China's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Forced to Stop Accepting Deposits


17:42Phishing messages fall markedly in 2013 despite better targetting17:36Lessons for CSOs in Snowden exploit of NSA networks17:34Windows Threshold (8.2): what we know so far17:33Judge Rules That NSA Metadata Collection 'Almost Certainly' Violates the Fourth Amendment17:28Obama to Meet Tech Chiefs on Surveillance17:27Hackers Exploit ColdFusion Flaw in Microsoft IIS Malware Attack


17:48Vendor security patches lag dangerously, study suggests17:47NSA debates amnesty for Edward Snowden17:45Bogus antivirus program uses a dozen stolen signing certificates17:42Google buys robotics firm Boston Dynamics17:39Snowden Stole 'Keys to the Kingdom': NSA Official17:37Warnings over text-sharing apps


17:52Malware Dons Disguise as Microsoft IIS Module17:51IT Workers Believe Employees Would Sell Company Data if Price is Right: Survey17:50Google Provides Android Privacy, Then Takes it Away17:47Twitter Restores Ability to Block Unwanted Followers17:46100% of Top Paid Android Apps Have Been Hacked17:45Typosquatters and fraudsters still exploiting antivirus brands, analysis finds15:47Winter Holidays’ SALES!!!


18:00Zeus malware gets 64-bit makeover17:34Gunter Grass, Margaret Atwood and Martin Amis join 500 of the world’s leading authors to demand ‘digital bill of rights’ to curb surveillance17:22Sweden's Intelligence Agency has Access to NSA's XKeyscore system17:20Bots now 'account for 61% of net traffic'17:17Hacked WordPress Site Hosts Thousands of Links to Pharmacy Scams


17:16Security breaches shaking confidence in cloud, says Netgear17:15Twitter simplifies messaging, adds photos17:14Cyber-espionage Campaign Ahead of G20 Summit Compromised Several European Ministries17:04Obamacare-baited Malware Scam Mashes Up iPhones, Video Players17:01Bug Bounty Flaws Remain Unpatched for 151 Days: Study17:00US Government to Spend $6.1 Billion on IT Security in 2014


17:58China hackers 'target EU foreign ministries'17:56Major Browsers Block an Improperly Issued Certificate17:55Data-stealing malware pretends to be Microsoft IIS server module17:52Microsoft rows back on Windows 7 cancellation17:50Hackers said to infiltrate European foreign affairs ministries ahead of G2017:49Google Maps now lets you create your own navigatable, 360-degree Street Views


18:00NSA spied on World of Warcraft, Xbox Live, and Second Life gamers17:58Wikileaks exposes secret, controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations17:50Technology firms seek government surveillance reform17:48FBI Can Activate Webcams Remotely Without the Light Coming On17:47Dexter POS Malware Returns to Target Holiday Shoppers17:45Blackhole Exploit Kit creator 'Paunch' in custody, Russian police confirm


17:58NSA Can Track Every Cell Phone in the World, Collects 5 Billion Records per Day17:56Microsoft disrupts ZeroAccess web fraud botnet17:54Research Shows Air-Gap Hopping Super Trojan BadBIOS Is Possible17:53Microsoft to protect customers from government snooping


17:39EU lawmakers ask for help tackling copyright questions in the cloud era17:38Microsoft to encrypt services, notify customers of gov't data requests17:28Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter reset passwords after hackers steal 2m user IDs17:25Beware Phishing Campaigns Against Wordpress Users17:23Sweden Spied on Russian Leadership for US: Leaked NSA Files17:21NSA 'tracking' hundreds of millions of mobile phones


17:55Logins stolen from Facebook, Google, ADP payroll processor17:51Firm examines critical flaws afflicting top browsers17:44Media Spear Phishing Tops List of Most Dangerous Email Attacks17:42Homeland Security Failed to Follow Its Own Cyber-Security Protections17:40The 12 scams of Christmas17:38Experimental malware uses inaudible sound to defeat network air gaps


17:21Preparing for the end of the ‘golden age’ of customer data17:20D-Link issues fixes for firmware backdoor in routers17:18Eight tips for more secure mobile shopping17:17Javascript Sidedoors Vulnerability Affects Thousands of Mobile Apps17:15New Atrax Crimeware Kit Taps Tor for Stealth17:14RF Safe-Stop shuts down car engines with radio pulse


17:43Call Centers Suffer From Big Data Overload17:40Botnet busts more for stunts than security, expert says17:38Stallman calls for "truly anonymous" alternative to Bitcoin17:37Bitcoin-mining software hidden in "sneaky" programs17:35HealthCarehealthcaregov.Gov Running Smoothly But Not Securely17:31Australia Spy Agency Offered to Share Data on Citizens: Report