News for January 2014 Year


18:02'Chewbacca' attack hits shops in 11 nations18:01Hackers Hit Yahoo Mail With Mass Account Checker Attack18:00Web technologies that deserve to die17:43Tor-enabled malware stole credit card data from PoS systems at dozens of retailers17:42Researchers create Android app to show when other apps track you


17:40Cross Platform 'Java-bot' Launches DDoS Attacks from Windows, Mac and Linux Machines17:38Games have two months to fix in-app purchases17:36VPN flaw reported in latest version of Android17:33Target says attackers stole vendor credentials


17:50Dutch court ends ‘ineffective’ Pirate Bay blocking17:44FileZilla warns of large malware campaign17:39Cuban President: Cyberspace Cannot Become a 'Theater of Military Operations'17:33SpyEye Trojan Author Pleads Guilty As Charged17:31DDoS Attacks in Europe Spike 22%17:30Internet of Things could be held up by physical flaws


17:34Data centres now 'magnets' for DDoS attacks, says Arbor report17:32Spies gathered data from leaky apps, including Angry Birds17:31FBI cracks down on hacker-for-hire websites17:29FBI Owns the Entire TorMail Database of Hidden E-mails17:28Fully Functional FileZilla Client Capturing FTP Login Details17:27Snowden leaks: GCHQ 'spied on Facebook and YouTube'


17:10Microsoft admits documents stolen in employee email hack17:00NSA involved in industrial espionage, says Snowden16:57'123456:' Worst. Password. Ever.16:55Multiple Hacker Arrests in Collaborative International Operation16:53US Officials 'Want to Kill Me': Edward Snowden16:52Israel defence computers hit by hack attack


17:41Improved Cyber Security Could Save Global Economy Trillions: World Economic Forum17:36Microsoft Will Allow European Data to be Kept in Europe17:34New Android Malware Intercepts Calls and Texts17:33Target cyber attack not isolated, warns FBI17:32Google's Schmidt: encryption will thwart Chinese censors17:26Global cybercrime dominated by 50 core groups, CrowdStrike report finds


17:35Some Tor exit nodes attempt to spy on encrypted traffic, researchers find17:30Most employees work from home at least once a month17:28Chrome browser becomes eavesdropping tool17:24Snapchat's Latest Security Feature Defeated in 30 Minutes17:23Pope proclaims the internet is a ‘gift from God’ – social media is good too!17:21Microsoft to let users store data outside of US


17:43Companies consider cloud as end of support for XP nears - survey17:08Android flaw allows attackers to bypass VPN, capture unencrypted data17:03CrowdStrike Takes On Chinese, Russian Attack Groups in Threat Report17:01World Economic Forum Website Faces Vulnerabilities, Just in Time for Davos17:00As Target breach unfolds, information vanishes from Web16:59Patching has failed, so it's time for Java to go


17:42Mysterious Networking Error Stifles Internet Access in China17:39‘Password’ gets dethroned as worst… password17:3816 million online accounts probably compromised, German government warns17:35Google Pulls Two Adware Extensions From Chrome Store17:34Microsoft in more hacking misery


17:49Spammers Buy Chrome Extensions and Turn Them Into Adware17:37Google yanks Chrome extensions serving ads17:26Microsoft won’t retire XP malware assassin until mid-201517:21Credit card details on 20 million South Koreans stolen17:19Obama and NSA Surveillance: What Won’t Change17:16Target malware written by 17 year-old Russian teen from St Petersburg, firm claims


17:52Google testing ‘smart’ contact lens for people with diabetes17:46A year after Swartz suicide, reform of anti-hacking law remains elusive17:21Internet at risk of 'cybergeddon' says WEF17:18NSA Collects 200 Million International Texts Daily and Allows Access by GCHQ


17:37Thousands of web hosting centers now launchpads for attacks17:35NSA hacking tools will find their way to criminals eventually17:28Microsoft admits internal email accounts hacked17:26Starbucks iOS Payment App Stores User Passwords in Plaintext17:22Targeted Attacks in Asia-Pacific Region Twice as High as Other Regions: FireEye17:19Microsoft extends virus warnings for Windows XP to 2015


17:59Cyberwar increasingly defined by espionage and regional conflicts17:53Massive denial-of-service attacks pick up steam17:42Tech support scammers are targeting mobile users, researchers say17:34NSA could 'spy on offline computers', says latest leak17:33Net neutrality threatened by court17:30China's Huawei Denies US Spies Compromised its Equipment


17:18New Report Throws Doubt On Intelligence Value of Mass Surveillance17:17Robots test their own world wide web, dubbed RoboEarth


18:00Cisco promises to fix admin backdoor in some routers17:58Mobile, Web dev and Big Data skills in demand for 201417:57Dropbox says hacking claims are a hoax17:53Neiman Marcus warns that data breach may affect customers17:52Target Confirms Point-of-Sale Malware Was Used in Attack17:51Microsoft hit in weekend of hacking attacks


17:57OpenSUSE forums hack raises vBulletin zero-day exploit possibility17:55Satellite remote network links may be soft targets for attackers17:54Australian police investigating teen who found database flaw17:48Yahoo's malware-pushing ads linked to larger malware scheme17:45Terrorists Changing Their Methods Because of Snowden Leaks: US Official17:43New Gmail messaging feature causes privacy concerns


18:10Senior managers fumble security much more often than rank and file17:59Europeans users of Yahoo have PCs turned into Bitcoin miners17:45Two Thirds of Personal Banking Apps Found Full of Vulnerabilities17:43US-CERT Warns Businesses About POS Attacks


17:28Satellite links for remote networks may pose soft target for attackers17:27Does the NSA Spy on Congress? Sounds like Yes17:25Chase Phish Following JPMorgan Breach17:24Ongoing Bitcoin Targeted Phishing Campaign17:23Obama to Meet Lawmakers, Spy Chiefs on NSA Surveillance17:20Yahoo Enables HTTPS Encryption by Default for Yahoo Mail