News for February 2014 Year


17:57Mt. Gox trading halts, website down17:51Researchers bypass protections in Microsoft's EMET anti-exploitation tool17:34Apple users in security warning17:31CSA Summit 2014: NSA Surveillance a Pre-cursor to Police State, Says Former US Cyber Czar


17:57Colombia's President Says Thousands of His Emails Accessed by Hackers17:53US Eavesdropping on Hundreds of Key German Figures: Report


17:51Zeus malware-botnet variant spotted 'crawling' Salesforce.com17:49New website ranks worst global data breaches using Richter-like scale17:47Employee monitoring under the radar, says security expert17:4670% of Android Devices Vulnerable to a Remote Exploit17:44Security Fixes Were Already Issued for Recent WeMo Vulnerabilities17:43Skillful Hackers Drained ATMs Using Malware-laden USB Drives


17:50Kickstarter crowdfunding website hacked17:48New IE 0-Day Used in Watering Hole Attack17:47The Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Forbes and Dumped 1 Million Credentials17:45Merkel, Hollande planning ways to counteract NSA surveillance


17:37ICANN’s cosy relationship with the US must end17:33Skype IM bugs squashed17:28Hackers circulate thousands of FTP credentials, New York Times among those hit17:18NSA workers disciplined over Snowden leaks17:14Gameover Zeus Most Prevalent Banking Trojan of 2013: Dell SecureWorks17:12Top banking botnets study victims' behaviour, Dell report reveals


17:58Mozilla plans to place ads in new Firefox tabs17:52Patch Tuesday surprise: Microsoft unexpectedly issues patches for 24 critical Internet Explorer flaws17:50Adobe patches two critical vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player17:44Password-free online authentication a step closer17:42Data Encyption Use Increases, but Key Management Remains an Issue


17:41Snapchat vulnerability can be exploited to crash iPhones, researcher says17:33National Guard Turns to Defending Nation from Cyberattacks17:31$4000 Fine For Downloading Files Found by Google17:29CloudFlare Infrastructure Hit With 400Gbs NTP-Based DDoS Attack17:28'Mask' virus takes aim at governments and activists17:26Huge hack 'ugly sign of future' for internet threats


17:57Google aims at enterprise with Chromebox for meetings17:55Linguistics Olympiad begins search for top problem solver17:53Cybercriminals compromise home routers to attack online banking users17:51Microsoft: best way to upgrade from XP is to buy a new PC17:50Whistleblower Blows Whistle on Barclays Bank


17:59Google expands bug bounty program, continuing efforts to secure Chrome17:55US military funds Mission Impossible 'vanishing' tech17:49Target hackers started attack via ventilation system17:46More governments want Twitter user data17:45Cryptolocker scambles US law firm's entire cache of legal files12:22Seize the moment! А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to St. Valentine's Day has started!


17:58Hackers try to hijack Facebook, other high profile domains through domain registrar17:50Google agrees to give equal prominence to rivals’ services to settle EU antitrust case17:49Technological risks could undermine SME business confidence17:48Tech Firms’ Release of NSA Data Request Totals is Limited by Gag Orders17:46Malicious Email Level Hits a 5-Year High17:44Got Malware? The FBI Is Willing to Pay For It


17:59As Congress Drags its Feet, States Step Up to Legislate Against NSA Spying17:59Is Google's Play full of adware or not? It might depend which malware scanner you run17:57Adobe Flash Player gets emergency update17:57Federal Government Told to Get its Own House in Order17:57GCHQ Used DDoS Attack on Anonymous' Communications


18:04Chaos Computer Club sues German gov't for aiding NSA17:59PCI security standard remains solid, says chief17:57Windows XP support cutoff poses data breach risk for retailers17:54USB corporate data theft easy to track: Websense17:44Children more skilled at using smartphones than tying shoes17:43Internet Titans Shine Light on Secret US Requests


17:39Windows 8 uptake stalls as users still back XP17:36Hackers use a trick to deliver Zeus banking malware17:35Patching times improved in 2013 as vulnerability battle goes on17:34Zeus variant by-passing security, say researchers17:33Kaspersky Lab Investigating 'Extremely Sophisticated Malware'17:31US hotels look into data security breach