News for March 2014 Year


17:33Smartphone kill-switch could save consumers $2.6B per year, says report17:30Google cracks whip to stop Android Play store apps abusing users17:28China calls US spying actions ‘hypocrisy,’ plans to beef up security17:25Zuckerberg prefers drones to Google’s balloons17:22KageCoin Malware Shows Up in Google Play, Ready to Hijack Phones for Mining17:19FireEye Report Analyzes Zero-day Attacks of 2013


17:57Apple Mac Ebay Scam Gang Busted17:56Microsoft Puts Big Bet on Hardware Security with Windows 8.117:54Asia Pacific ranked badly by Gartner on privacy and security for offshore IT17:52A Non-NSA Flying Stingray


17:52ATM malware, controlled by a text message, spews cash17:51New Microsoft Word Zero-Day Used in Targeted Attacks17:38Obama Proposes to End NSA Bulk Data Collection17:37Ethiopia uses foreign kit to spy on opponents - HRW17:35Cybercrime trends point to greater sophistication, stealthier malware, more encryption


17:56Why Google Glass security remains a work in progress17:55NSA infiltrated Huawei, claim Snowden leak documents17:54Microsoft to Include Itself in Future Transparency Reports


17:38Full Disclosure Mailing List Suspends Service Indefinitely17:37Hack attacks battled by net's timekeepers17:35Google's Page Says US Online Spying Threatens Democracy17:33Are We Already in the Age of Surveillance Time Machines?17:32Researchers find cross-platform RAT for Windows, Android17:31Fake Tor app has been sitting in Apple's App Store for months, Tor Project says


17:30For Facebook, delivering the strongest security would be a challenge17:26EA server hacked to steal Apple IDs17:24Pirated software, malware to cost business $491 in 2014, study shows17:23Undetected for Years, Operation Windigo Affects Millions of Servers17:21Organizations Look to Expand Use of Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Schemes: Survey17:19Hacker Diabl0 arrested in Thailand at the request of Swiss authorities


17:48Windows XP users already attacked 6 times more often than Windows 7 users17:39Most organisations plan to seek external help after security breaches, study finds17:37Do Foreign Leaders even Know that Their own Spy Agencies are Cooperating with the NSA?17:36Big data analytics key to crime fighting, says Microsoft17:34Cybercriminals Use Fake MH370 Websites to Steal Data


17:54Bitcoin-stealing malware hidden in Mt. Gox data dump, researcher says17:48US Army red faced after phishing test sets off Defense Department email storm17:46US government set to give up net oversight powers17:41No Backdoors, No Source Code, No Client Data Provided to NSA17:40Security in Apple's iOS 7 Weaker, Not Stronger, than iOS 617:38Hollywood Likely to be Targeted by Chinese Hackers


17:47Social networks like Facebook can spread moods17:43WhatsApp Flaw Not As Overstated as WhatsApp Claims17:41Backdoor Found in Samsung Galaxy17:38Seven-step guide to bridge digital skills gap revealed17:37Google encrypts search in China to protect users


17:52Amazon will "limit music streams to encourage downloads"17:46Europe approves new data protection law17:44Adobe Issues Two Important Patches For Flash17:31More than 162,000 WordPress sites used in DDoS attack17:30NSA Nominee: US Cyber Infrastructure "Not Optimized for Defense in Its Current Form"17:27'Free World' Governments Among Worst for Online Spying: Watchdog


17:49Dark Web Headlines Q4 Threats17:48Target hackers showed intimate knowledge of firm’s network, suggests McAfee17:45Joomla receives patches for zero-day SQL injection vulnerability, other flaws17:43LockLizard Develops Zero Footprint Solution for PDF Security17:40Researchers attack secured Internet activity to mine personal data17:38Google to let developers try on wearables SDK


16:31How Hackers Target Cloud Services for Bitcoin Profit16:28Privacy Groups Ask FTC to Suspend Facebook's Acquisition of WhatsApp


17:35Tor network used to hide 900 botnets and darknet markets, says Kaspersky Lab17:3410 things you need to know about Mt. Gox's Bitcoin implosion17:26US holds hearing on data security17:24Survey Proves Effectiveness of Anti-virus17:18Bitcoin Exchanges Hit By Hackers


17:38Major security flaw threatens Linux users Race is on to fix the problem17:36Yahoo will end logins with Google or Facebook accounts17:35Web-based attacks double in 2013, study finds17:33Google Patches 28 Chrome Flaws; Pays Out $13,500 Bounty17:32Widespread Attack Campaign Highlights Router Security Woes17:30Fewer Than Half of RSA Attendees Think NSA Overstepped: Survey


17:49Gameover Trojan Uses Rootkit to Block Removal17:46FireEye Publishes 2013 Advanced Threat Report17:45China cyber-gangs use 'vast underground network'


17:33Is Sears a Victim of Retail Hacking, or Retail Hacking Hysteria?17:32Apple teams with car makers to roll out hands-free iPhone controls17:29China’s Windows XP users will continue to get security support17:27Non-Microsoft security flaws cause biggest headache, says Secunia17:23$300,000 prize for Internet of Things security apps17:22Organizations continue to lack incident response proficiency, study finds13:39А GREAT PROMOTION devoted to International Women's day (8th of March) has started!