News for June 2014 Year


16:38Facebook fights 'largest ever' US court data request16:34Dropbox Abused in Targeted Attacks Using PlugX RAT With "Time Bomb"16:33Half of All Network Devices Are Outdated – And Vulnerable16:31Rootkit Levels Are Down, But That Won't Last for Long16:30YouTube launches new studio app, adds donations, fan subtitles16:28"Human error" contributes to nearly all cyber incidents, study finds


17:32PayPal Two-Factor Authentication Bypassed17:3122 Vulnerabilities Found in Oracle Database Java VM Implementation17:30Mobile Surveillance Trojans for iOS and Android Proliferate Worldwide17:28Selfmite Worms its Way Onto Victims’ Phones SMS-based malware could expose Android users to unnecessary risk.17:26Google starts removing links under "right to be forgotten"17:25Supreme Court, In Unanimous Ruling, Says Police Need Warrant to Search Cell Phones


17:30beware dodgy app stores and fake Flappy Birds17:24Governments Bear the Brunt as Targeted Attacks Rise17:23Google's Nest wants to control your home17:21Watering Hole Hackers Sniff Out Industrial Control Systems for Future Attack17:18More action needed to stop NTP DDoS attacks, says report17:15Google 'testing' domain name service


17:56Abstract idea isn’t patentable when tied to a computer17:54Privacy and the continental divide17:48Researchers find critical Android security problem in Google Play17:47Are Organizations Ready for PCI DSS 3.0?17:45Android and Windows to get 'kill switch'


17:42Top European court to rule on NSA Facebook data privacy challenge17:40FBI Arrests Alleged NullCrew Member for Hacking17:38US government leaks names of potential Bitcoin buyers


17:10Asprox Attackers Combine Mass Mailer Strike with APT Techniques17:09Federal judge orders turnover of FISA surveillance documents17:07New RAT Bypasses SSL Protection, Targets Bank Credentials17:03Facebook Wants to Track You for Better Ads17:01Cyber security an economic opportunity, says UK government16:59CIOs at risk of ‘multi-million dollar liabilities’ over mobile software licenses


17:55Most U.S. credit cards will have microchips by end of 201517:44All Those Videos You're Watching Will Help Triple Internet Traffic, Cisco Says17:35Feedly and Evernote hit with DDoS after refusing to pay ransom17:34Information Risk Gaps Costing Firms Dear, Warns Iron Mountain17:33Federal Highway Signs Are Easily Hackable17:31"Clandestine Fox" Attackers Target Energy Firms via Social Media: FireEye


17:24Cyberespionage gang linked to Chinese army unit17:21Facial Recognition Software Creeps Closer to Total Accuracy17:19Scammers Trick Thousands of Twitter Users with ‘Follower’ Bait17:17Zeus Alternative "Pandemiya" Emerges in Cybercrime Underground17:15Cyber Spies Targeting U.S. Defense, Tech Firms Linked to China's PLA: Report17:14Computer AI passes Turing test in 'world first'


18:02US Army warns of database breaches in South Korea17:59Malicious advertisements on major websites lead to ransomware17:52Life For Hackers as UK Government Gets Tough on Computer Crime17:50ESET Forum Breached, User Credentials Compromised17:50Beijing Sets Sights on Third Party Android Stores in Cleanup Act17:48Default Password Exposes Digital Highway Signs to Hacker Attacks


17:40New attack methods can ‘brick’ systems, defeat Secure Boot17:39American Express issues alert after Anonymous dumps cardholder data17:38Spammers adapt to filtering technologies by staying below radar17:36Google investing $1bn in satellite internet17:29New Heartbleed Attack Vectors Impact Enterprise Wireless, Android Devices17:25NSA 'collects facial-recognition photos from the the net'