News for October 2014 Year


17:23Google to Disable SSL 3.0 in Chrome 40 to Prevent POODLE Attacks17:22Sixty-one percent have shared files through unencrypted email accounts17:20Google Glass, other wearables banned from US cinemas17:18iOS App Vulnerability Exposed GroupMe Accounts17:14Millions of websites hit by Drupal hack attack17:12Identifying data breach hoaxes


17:44Microsoft opens Office 365 to programmers17:42Vulnerability in widely used 'strings' utility could spell trouble for malware analysts17:40'ScanBox' keylogger targets Uyghurs, US think tank, hospitality industry17:29Less than 1% of Patriot Act’s “Sneak and Peek” Delayed Notice Warrants are Used against Terrorism17:24Attackers Exploit ShellShock via SMTP to Distribute Malware17:23China, Russia Linked to Cyberspying: Researchers


17:24Cisco Fixes 3-Year-Old Vulnerability Affecting Security Appliances17:20Russia and China Edge Out US With Proposed Cyber Security Pact17:19The 'Backoff' malware used in retail data breaches is spreading17:08US 'probes hackable flaws' in medical devices17:07Malvertising Campaign Infected Visitors to Yahoo, Other Sites With Ransomware17:05China develops its first homegrown server amid cybersecurity concerns


17:56Malicious worm seeks vulnerable home data stores17:43Poodle bug less bite than Heartbleed, say experts17:41'Hurricane Panda' hackers used Microsoft zero-day, CrowdStrike says17:40YouTube served users malicious advertisements, Trend Micro says17:38Microsoft to bring Docker to Windows Server17:37New rules to mitigate IoT threat to mobile networks


17:18Dairy Queen stores hit by 'Backoff' malware, payment card data stolen17:16API usage could be new source of business intelligence17:15iOS 8 “too nerdy” for consumers, claims developer17:12Microsoft Doubles Patch Load in October Security Update17:11Symantec Splits in Two17:08Only 100 cybercrime brains worldwide says Europol boss


17:59Windows XP flaws help Russian 'Qbot' gang build 500,000 PC botnet17:52SSDP DDoS Attacks On the Rise as NTP Amplification Fades17:51Project SHINE Reveals Magnitude of Internet-connected Critical Control Systems17:50Google Fixes 159 Security Bugs With Release of Chrome 38