News for December 2014 Year


10:08Android Malware Increasingly Packaged With HTML5 Apps: Trend Micro10:07Think that software library is safe to use? Not so fast!09:53Gmail traffic trickles back into China09:51Suspected state hacking campaign used commercial software09:49Hackers recreate fingerprints using public photos


17:39Flaw in open-source PDF viewer could put WikiLeaks users, others at risk17:36Newly-discovered vulnerability puts 12 million routers at risk17:32RSA Report Dives Deep into Backoff PoS Malware17:31China Blamed for Operation Poisoned Helmand Attack on Afghan Sites17:29Modified Zeus trojan targets numerous online banking systems


17:51Senate and House pass cybersecurity bill17:50DNS Attacks Ravage Three-Quarters of US/UK Firms17:50Windows 7 users urged to uninstall broken update17:47Banking Trojan Abuses Pinterest in C&C Routines17:46Over 100,000 Compromised WordPress Sites Serve Malware17:40Snowden spying leaks prompt millions to protect data


17:44China Responsible for 85% of Global Phishing Domains – APWG17:43Microsoft begins accepting bitcoins17:41Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Found in FreeBSD17:39Net is 'less free and more unequal', says web founder17:37Google shuttering engineering office in Russia


17:14Newly Discovered 'Turla' Malware Targets Linux Systems17:12150 Million PayPal Accounts In Danger of Hijacking17:06US court extends NSA surveillance rules in current form16:56Software Vulnerabilities Set to Soar 40% This Year16:54POODLE Attacks Also Work Against TLS: Researchers16:52Forgotten subdomains increase account hijack risk


17:50'SpoofedMe' attacks exploited LinkedIn, Amazon social login flaws17:48Credit cards a top target of phone scams, report says17:47Google will target kids with redesigned products17:39Windows 10 upgrades possible for 600m PCs17:35Human Error Blamed for Most UK Data Breaches17:33Emergency call system for all new cars by 2018