News for February 2015 Year


16:36McAfee Warns of Persistent Mobile MITM Flaws16:35Google Vietnam Targeted in DNS Hijacking Attack16:30Business disruption cyber attacks set to spur defence plans, says Gartner16:29Google Clamps Down on Unwanted Downloads16:25Facebook privacy policy slated by Belgian data watchdog16:23Old Vulnerabilities Still Popular Targets for Hackers: HP


17:51Cyber-security experts mull '$1bn' bank hack report17:48Cerf warns of ‘digital dark age’17:39Snowden Filmmaker Says US Surveillance 'Out of Control'17:33Obama calls on private sector to help fight cyber attacks17:31Google eases bug disclosure practices


17:04Twitter issues transparency report; global information requests jumped by 40 percent17:02Outlook for iOS, Android blocked by EU Parliament17:01Health-related data breaches could be expensive and life-threatening16:57HP predicts major cyber attack in next five years16:53Cryptowall 3.0 Embraces Exploit Kits16:50Smart devices: Is privacy loss inevitable?


17:41Zero-Day Flaw in WordPress Plugin Used to Inject Malware into Sites17:39Critical Microsoft Fixes Plummet in 2014 but Flaws Jump17:36NSA and CIA on Receiving End of Massive German Phone Spying Program17:35US-UK intelligence sharing was unlawful, rules tribunal17:33ID theft ring allegedly stole $700,000 in Apple gift cards17:26Microsoft hopes to make hybrid cloud less scary with more testing


17:36Facebook porn: Malware warning over video17:31XSS, XFS, Open Redirect Vulnerabilities Found on About.com17:28Browser-borne Malware Costs Top $3.2Mn17:26Google will motivate bug hunters to keep probing its products with research grants17:25Hackers used social engineering to glean military intel on Syrian opposition17:23Mozilla puts old hardware to new use, runs Tor relays