News for March 2015 Year


17:34Removing admin rights would ease 97 percent of critical Microsoft flaws17:33DDoS attacks less frequent but more dangerous last year17:31Lebanese cyberespionage campaign hits defense, telecom, media firms worldwide17:30Anonymous proxies now used in a fifth of DDOS attacks17:29Targeted controls key to effective information security, says Protiviti17:27Smartphone Users Tracked by Apps an Average of every Three Minutes


17:44CISA will mean more surveillance, not fewer cyber attacks17:43EU Commission goes after ‘absurd’ digital barriers17:37DDOS attacks less frequent last year, more dangerous17:33Tech companies call on US to end bulk collection of metadata17:31U.S. Offers $3 Million Reward for Alleged Russian Cybercriminals17:30Children spend six hours or more a day on screens


17:57All major browsers hacked at Pwn2Own contest17:54At least 700,000 routers given to customers by ISPs are vulnerable to hacking17:50Obama Administration Sets Record for Denying Freedom of Information Requests17:49Facebook photo leak flaw raises security concerns17:48UK Businesses Woefully Unprepared for Data Breaches


17:36WPML WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Expose 400,000 Websites17:33EU ministers agree cross-border data protection plan Data protection17:30Senate Intelligence Committee Approves “a Surveillance Bill by another Name”17:27Facebook clarifies its definition of offensive content


17:52Enterprises Riddled With 'Unsafe' Mobile Apps: Study17:48Dropbox Android Flaw Could Let Hackers Steal Corporate Files17:45Business demand for information security set to grow in 201517:43Microsoft fixes FREAK vulnerability with Patch Tuesday update17:42Big data is disruptive in business, leaders confirm17:41‘A very bad incident’ awaits critical infrastructure


17:49EU data protection reform ‘badly broken’17:48FREAK latest serious flaw in Web’s encryption17:42Apple Pay Under Fire After Account Takeovers Soar17:38Google Fixes 51 Vulnerabilities With Release of Chrome 4117:35FREAK Vulnerability Exposes SSL/TLS Security Hole17:23China and US clash over software backdoor proposals