News for 10 April 2015 Year

Preview17:39Organizations Ill-Prepared to Combat Insider Threats: SurveyMost organizations have significant security holes when it comes to protecting themselves against insider threats.
Preview17:35Watermarks used to track data through Dark Web to Russia, NigeriaHow far does stolen data get before a breach is detected?
Preview17:34Is Facebook’s “Faceprint Database” Illegal?Facebook is the subject of a class-action lawsuit claiming that its “tag a friend” policy violates users’ privacy rights.
Preview17:30Upgrade iOS Now to Avoid Phantom Flaw, Say ResearchersSecurity researchers are urging iPhone users to upgrade their operating systems to version 8.3
Preview17:29Education Sector Struggles With Botnets: BitSightThe education sector may have some tough lessons to learn when it comes to IT security.
Preview17:26Tokenization would not have prevented most retail breachesTokenization would not have helped in the majority of retail breaches over the past two years