News for 24 April 2015 Year

Preview17:04Point-of-sale terminals found using the same password for 20 yearsA major vendor of payment terminals has been shipping devices for over two decades with the same default password.
Preview17:03Flaw on eBay's Magento platform lets hackers attack web storesThose using Magento's e-commerce platform should ensure they're using its latest software, as attackers are increasingly exploiting a flaw patched two months...
Preview16:54Moore’s Law could be prolonged with new materials, transistorsIntel could start using new materials and a new transistor structure in upcoming chips
Preview16:53Users should not take the rap for phishing attacks, says expertUsers should not be blamed for successful phishing attacks, says security awareness expert.
Preview16:52North American Companies Better Prepared for DDoS Attacks: ReportNorth American organizations are well aware of the threat posed by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
Preview16:51Bitcoins 'losing' value for cyber-thievesThe falling value of bitcoins have made them much less attractive to cyber-thieves, claims a security expert.