News for April 2015 Year


17:08Energy Firms Exposed to Catastrophic Cyber Attack, Warns Ex-NSA Boss17:07Social Engineering: Attackers' Reliable Weapon17:06Europol, Italian Police Roll up Internet Scam Gang17:04SSL Bug Exposes 25,000 iOS Apps to MITM Attack17:02SendGrid resets passwords as investigation reveals deeper breach17:00Facebook adds video calling to Messenger


17:04Point-of-sale terminals found using the same password for 20 years17:03Flaw on eBay's Magento platform lets hackers attack web stores16:54Moore’s Law could be prolonged with new materials, transistors16:53Users should not take the rap for phishing attacks, says expert16:52North American Companies Better Prepared for DDoS Attacks: Report16:51Bitcoins 'losing' value for cyber-thieves


17:39'Eternal' camera can take pictures forever17:34Recently Patched Windows Flaw Exploited in the Wild for DoS Attacks17:30Public-Facing Web Assets Expose Banks to Greater Risk17:28Whistleblowers at risk when using US government websites17:27Attacks against industrial control systems double17:24Google to pull Chrome plug on Windows XP at year’s end


17:39Organizations Ill-Prepared to Combat Insider Threats: Survey17:35Watermarks used to track data through Dark Web to Russia, Nigeria17:34Is Facebook’s “Faceprint Database” Illegal?17:30Upgrade iOS Now to Avoid Phantom Flaw, Say Researchers17:29Education Sector Struggles With Botnets: BitSight17:26Tokenization would not have prevented most retail breaches