News for June 2015 Year


17:18A third of servers in DCs are zombies17:16Facebook's new facial-identification tool can spot you in pictures even from your hairdo17:14SEC Asks Hacked Firms for Details in Insider Trading Case – Report17:12Finance Hit by 300 Times More Attacks Than Other Industries17:11Facebook Reveals New Security Tool17:10Adobe issues emergency Flash Player fix


17:54Weaponized Word docs, spyware and malvertising sprouting in May17:50-Average botnet in Q1 2015 made up of 1,700 infected hosts per C&C server17:45Shylock Explained: How the NCA Got its Pound of Flesh17:44Dangerous Apple 0-Day Exposes App Credentials17:42Log management is leading use case for Big Data17:40Disney to create virtual reality video games


09:30Software applications have on average 24 vulnerabilities inherited from buggy components09:29Duqu 2.0 used digital certificates belonging to Foxconn09:28The US digital dilemma


17:09Hijacked medical devices can leave networks exposed17:06Information-Stealing Malware “Stegoloader” Hides in Image File17:03LastPass Password Vault Hit by Hackers


17:59Germany drops probe into NSA's Merkel phone-hacking17:55-Time to stop relying on PII for authentication17:47France seeks to extend Google 'right to be forgotten'17:46North Korea, cyberattack against the US17:44OpenSSL patches and releases new versions


17:59Is the End of Section 215 of the Patriot Act Much Ado about Nothing? & Ways the NSA can Keep Spying17:51Google makes it easier to control account privacy settings17:50The ostrich theory of security17:49Exploit for Recently Patched Flash Flaw Added to Magnitude, Neutrino, Nuclear Pack17:47No signal? 5 simple tricks to help you get better mobile connectivity17:46Google cloud strategy focuses on analysing Big Data