News for January 2016 Year


17:41US Government Agencies Asked About Juniper Backdoor Patching17:40Banking Trojan "URLZone" Targets Japan17:39DARPA funds a programme so computers can read thoughts17:38Tor and the enterprise 2016 – blocking malware, darknet use and rogue nodes17:37Ransomware Responsible for 42% of UK Security Breaches in 201517:36Symantec detects 3,500 servers infected with a malicious script


17:09Be careful Facebook users, you are under attack!17:08Google Downplays Impact of Linux Kernel Flaw on Android17:08Google says it killed 780 million 'bad ads' in 201517:07Phish the phishers: A researcher turns the tables on scammers17:06U.S. gov't OKs exploiting certain zero-days during investigations17:05TeslaCrypt Flaw Allows Free File Decryption


17:43Linux Trojan Takes Screenshots Every 30 Seconds17:42Asda bug exposed online shopping payment details17:42Linux zero-day affects most Androids, millions of PCs17:41US FDA Releases New Security Guidance for Device Makers17:40European Union Wants Guarantees of U.S. Limits on Spying Before Agreeing to Data Transfer Pact17:39A new archive of US voting records appeared on the Dark Web


17:50Most companies can’t detect compromised credentials17:50Card Breach Affects 250 Hyatt Hotels Worldwide17:49Quarter of respondents would pay ransom to protect stolen data, survey says17:48Why it is time to take the Internet of Things seriously17:48Aircraft now so automated pilots have forgotten how to fly


17:43Security Alert as Internet Explorer Support Deadline Lands Next Week17:42HTTPS Bicycle Attack Another Reason to Shun Passwords17:40Last week's DDoS against the BBC may have been the largest in history17:39Drupal sites at risk due to insecure update mechanism17:34Time Warner Cable security breach may have exposed 320K customers17:31Continued MD5 support threatens crypto protocols