News for 25 May 2017 Year

Preview17:30WannaCry was a Windows 7 phenomenonWeakness of Windows 7’s Defender was partly to blame for the WannaCry ransomware outbreak
Preview17:30Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Recognition CrackedSecurity experts claim to have cracked the iris recognition system on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, using just a digital camera and a contact lens.
Preview17:29Survey Shows Disparity in GDPR Preparedness and ConcernsThe European General Data Protection Regulation will take effect in exactly one year from today.
Preview17:29WannaCry Ransomware: Newly Discovered Vulnerability Raises Fear of More Cyber-AttacksA newly found flaw in widely used networking software leaves tens of thousands of computers potentially vulnerable
Preview17:28Facebook shares user's account information with the police 80% of the time, even without a legal warrantThe social network is handing over user's account information in 80 percent of cases, even when there is no legal process involved
Preview17:25Subtitle Attack Threatens Millions of Smart TVs, Mobiles and PCsCheck Point researchers have uncovered a new attack vector that uses malicious subtitles to infect devices via their media players.

News for 28 April 2017 Year

Preview17:10U.S. military wants white-hat hackers to target its cyber security systems‘Hack the Air Force’ invites vetted attackers to test its public Web sites
Preview17:08Nearly Three-Quarters of UK Unis Are Phishing VictimsSome 70% of UK universities have fallen victim to phishing attacks
Preview17:08Ransomware Set to Increase, With Attacks to or from the CloudWe saw a 50% increase in ransomware attacks in 2016.
Preview16:54Security fears keep UK consumers from adopting new payment methodsA survey conducted by new data global law firm Paul Hastings reveals fears British consumers have when using new payment methods.
Preview16:53Cyberespionage and ransomware on the rise in new breach reportTenth annual Verizon report shows a major rise in espionage, ransomware and phishing
Preview16:52Google and Facebook duped in huge 'scam'The two tech giants succumbed to a well known type of scam, in which an attacker tricks the victim via innocent-looking emails