News for 7 June 2017 Year

Preview17:23Organizations Failing to Upgrade Systems, Enforce PatchesOrganizations Are Still Failing to Upgrade Systems and Enforce Patches, Study Finds
Preview17:22Don't be left behind by IPv6 deployment, ISOC warns enterprisesDeployment of IPv6 is accelerating -- but it's home and mobile users that are benefitting from the performance improvements first, a new report says
Preview17:21IoT’s future will be fascinating, and potentially catastrophicInsecurity of IoT is a top concern, say experts
Preview17:20Leaked Documents Show US Vote Hacking RisksSecurity experts have warned for years that hackers could penetrate electronic voting systems, and now, leaked national security documents suggest a...
Preview17:184 Possible Ways to Make Your Browser Hacker-ProofBrowsers are constantly targeted by hackers. Here are 4 ways you can make your browser hacker-proof. Use them to stay secure on the web.
Preview17:17Machine learning enables new Gmail security featuresNew protections available to enterprise customers

News for 25 May 2017 Year

Preview17:30WannaCry was a Windows 7 phenomenonWeakness of Windows 7’s Defender was partly to blame for the WannaCry ransomware outbreak
Preview17:30Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Recognition CrackedSecurity experts claim to have cracked the iris recognition system on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, using just a digital camera and a contact lens.
Preview17:29Survey Shows Disparity in GDPR Preparedness and ConcernsThe European General Data Protection Regulation will take effect in exactly one year from today.
Preview17:29WannaCry Ransomware: Newly Discovered Vulnerability Raises Fear of More Cyber-AttacksA newly found flaw in widely used networking software leaves tens of thousands of computers potentially vulnerable
Preview17:28Facebook shares user's account information with the police 80% of the time, even without a legal warrantThe social network is handing over user's account information in 80 percent of cases, even when there is no legal process involved
Preview17:25Subtitle Attack Threatens Millions of Smart TVs, Mobiles and PCsCheck Point researchers have uncovered a new attack vector that uses malicious subtitles to infect devices via their media players.