News for 1 December 2017 Year

Preview11:00Cisco patches multiple vulnerabilities in WebEx platformsCisco released patches for multiple vulnerabilities in its WebEx Recording Format and Advanced Recoding Format Players to address vulnerabilities.
Preview11:00Trust Your Security Vendor, 'They Have Access to Everything You Do,' Says F-Secure Research ChiefThe DHS ban on government agencies using Kaspersky Lab's security products has reverberated around the security industry.
Preview10:59Protecting your data from ransomwareWearing a couple of bullet-proof vests increases your chances of escaping unscathed
Preview10:58Over a Quarter of Ransomware Now Targets CorporatesThe number of ransomware attacks targeting business users in 2017 rose to 26% as the number of new families discovered halved
Preview10:58Cyber-thieves seek to cash in on Bitcoin boomBitcoin's booming value has driven a huge rise in crypto-currency themed malware, say security firms.
Preview10:56Police vs Privacy: US Supreme Court Looks at Cell Phone TrackingWhere do we go? Who do we talk to? What do we read about?

News for 27 October 2017 Year

Preview17:42UK Blames North Korea for Cyberattack That Crippled HospitalsBritain on Friday blamed North Korea for a ransomware attack this year
Preview17:41Regional Internet Registry Spills WHOIS DatabaseRegional internet registry APNIC has suffered an embarrassing privacy incident after being alerted by a third party that it accidentally leaked details from...
Preview17:405 ways to protect yourself from a KRACK attackLast week a security researcher revealed there is a flaw in the WPA2, a wireless encryption standard used to keep Wi-Fi networks safe and secure.
Preview17:39Industrial Products Also Vulnerable to KRACK Wi-Fi AttackSome industrial networking devices are also vulnerable to the recently disclosed KRACK Wi-Fi attack
Preview17:38Artificial intelligence smart enough to fool Captcha security checkComputer scientists have developed artificial intelligence that can outsmart the Captcha website security check system.
Preview17:35Bad Rabbit Ransomware leverages the NSA Exploit for lateral movementsMalware researchers at Cisco Talos team discovered the Bad Rabbit Ransomware leverages EternalRomance to propagate in the network.